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Re: Skin Care Advice Please?

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once you have those NASTY eleven lines, it is really too late to fix it.... preventive action not to get the eleven lines  of sunscreen for Years... AND  wearing sunglasses outside ALWAYS even on cloudy days is the best course of action...  I have done these things for years and at age 65 have no eleven lines at rest.  Of course I can squint my eyes up and make some... but they go away at rest. 


I suppose botox is the best preventive   that you could start in your 20's.... and if you already have the eleven lines   .. ... botox can help to make them less noticeable. 


Prevention is the key and young ladies either need to use sunscreen 24-7 and sunglasses... as to not squint... also, botox when in your 20's as a preventive. Easier to keep from getting them than to try to get rid of them...


Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes is the same thing... I do not have any wrinkles at the corners of the eyes from using sunscreen and sunglasses for the past 30 years. 

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Re: Skin Care Advice Please?

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Looking for recommendations for ONE (or two if necessary) facial skin care product that can be used day and night and addresses everything..but for me primary emphasis on firmness and deep expression lines.  Also moisturing.  Doesn't matter from where...Thanks!!

I've been hooked on Josie Maran's Argan Face Butter -- it's Clean and it does actually firm and moisturize.  I wanted something new so tried the Clean Beauty brand ALPYN (via QVC, Sephora & website).  It's got an 'outdoor' natural fragrance which I love and best of all IT'S REALLY HELPED MY FACIAL SKIN!  They also make a Serum, I found rave reviews on Sephora.  QVC got it back in stock so I've ordered it.  It has something that slightly 'glows' and evens out the skin, many users don't even add foundation.  This brand uses a plant extract which is similar to Retinol -- I'm now Hooked because of the visible improvement to my skin.  I still use Josie's cream, on my neck and chest, it's Very Good & Nourishing.  I can no longer use face, body or hair products which are not certified Clean and/or Organic, makes no sense to tempt fate with toxins inside or outside my body.