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Smile Are you here?....I've been thinking of you and how you and your "tresses" are getting along!....LOL

It definitely takes a lot of patience growing short layered styles out, for sure!....I think we should applaud ourselves for our perseverance...I have finally started to see the "light"....My layers have gotten to the point where it was time to get some kind of shape and style to my hair...I have a hairdo booklet that has loads of great pictures....and I saw an adorable "Bob style" that I decided to try, so I went to my hairstylist just this past week.

I'm so happy with the results!....It just needs a little "tweeking" here and there and, within a couple of months, it will be perfect....At first, I was planning on growing my hair to about shoulder length, but noticed that this style is also great for me....and a new look that I've never tried before...Love it!....It looks "perky"!...LOL

So, how about you?....Are you starting to see what style you would like to go with?

I just want to add that any other posters are welcomed to join in on our thread!...I'm sure there are plenty who have gone through the same challenging process.

Looking forward to hearing from you!