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Hoping that someone will be helping you today by: reading your emails to you, cleaning your house, doing laundry, washing your hair, giving you a facial and a full-body massage!

Also, Deb, how about a mani and a pedi?

I do hope that you're not in pain.

Someday, this will be a great story to tell at parties - or other social events - where no one has anything interesting to say.

I was thinking that: if you sent the photo you posted on this forum to Ellen DeGeneres (sp) that maybe she'd sent a household/beauty team to your home, until your wrists have healed. Hey, Ellen might invite you to be her guest on her show. Ellen would have fun with this, you'd have a blast, stay in a great hotel and you'd look great, on tv, in your colorful casts and baseball cap!

Hang in there!