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Shea Terra Yoruba Black Soap?

I just got this as a sample with my order. Is this the famous black soap?

I have sensitive dry skin and was recommended Rose Hips Black Soap, Vit C Rooibos mist, Argan Oil, and Night treatment, as well as the Rose Purifying Paste. I've used everything except the Night treatment and must say I really liked it. Hopefully, my skin will continue to do so. It seems like it would have been good to have the Rooibos cream as well, but I guess I'll see how I'll do with what I have. I also got a sample of the Baobab oil - don't know when to use it, though.

Al lin all, I'm excited to try Shea Terra - it's a lot cheaper than Perricone (which has given me great results); I like the idea to mix it up with something very natural.