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Re: Shea Moisture BOGO 50% off at WalGreens this week

On 3/29/2015 Mary Bailey said:


DH loves the shave oil. Last week I ordered him 3. This time he wanted the anti-aging moisturizer & the new shave creme.

DH's items are here already by FedEx (free shipping)

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Re: Shea Moisture BOGO 50% off at WalGreens this week

On 3/30/2015 UMDTerpFan said:
On 3/30/2015 RunnerMom said: I am obsessed with the Shea Moisture Super Fruit Masque. It is so moisturizing. LOVE!

Great to know. How often do you use it? Before or after shampooing? I have fine naturally curly hair. I've used the shampoo three times and I liked how my hair looked and felt. Often shampoos can be too drying or leave too much residue in my hair plus some products take the curl out of my hair. It takes me about three weeks to know if a product is a good match for my hair and scalp because I've had them morph on me. They start leaving product buildup (although I do have a clarifying shampoo I like - HairFood) or my scalp starts getting irritated and *i*tchy. But so far so good with this Super Fruit. Unfortunately I struck out with all the other lines of Shea Moisture.

Sorry to respond so late. Some of the Shea Moisture masques don't work for my (natural, curly, fine) hair, but this one really packs in the moisture. I use it after cleansing with a plastic cap under the dryer for 30 minutes. I've used it twice now, but my hair is very healthy and knows what it likes right away. I deep condition weekly, and this masque is definitely a winner. Give it a try.