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Does anyone know the brand and color of the lovely frosted silver / gray nail polish Shawn has been wearing recently? I have to have it!

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Is it possible to email/message her and ask? My aunt used to message all the older, previous hosts and they always responded.
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Someone said they saw her using Gel Coat Powder Pink with Zoya as a top coat on her FB.

I tried Gel Coat Powder Pink with ZOYA Godiva on top. Real close.

Someone suggested the Powder Pink with Zoya Tomoko on top, but it looked too gold to me.

One more thought, it might be Gel Coat Taupe with Godiva on top. I'm trying that one next.

Good luck, post if you find the winner!

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Leave a post for her on FB.....she'll respond.

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What is the best way to post that question to Shawn? Facebook?