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Shawn's eye area is always so dark you can barely see her eyes.   I'm not sure why she insists on wearing black shadow, liner, etc.  And it doesn't help that her bangs are always long and over her eyes.


What I've really noticed lately is the highlighter she's been using on her cheekbones up to her brows.  I'm constantly focused on it because it's like she has a white beam on her face.  That could be toned down quite a bit also, it's distracting.


I'm sure this is what she has asked the makeup artists to do, but it doesn't translate well to television IMO.  It's more of an out on the town, edgy kind of look.

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QVC must have stylists.


Whomever lets this stuff out on the airwaves for public consumption perhaps needs a retooling of skills.

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