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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

I have fine, wavy hair.  Use Scruples Moisture Bath shampoo and their Quick Seal conditioner.  My hair doesn’t frizz, and feels very soft and healthy.  

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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

Order a starter kit from Wen.  I have naturally curly hair and I would start with the Fig. which is the most moisturizing according to Chaz.  Then she'll  get a trial size of the styling creme and the mousse possibly.  You have to experiment and be patient, it will pay off!!

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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

Using Wen took the curls right out of my hair.  I know individual results will vary, but this is the reason I stopped using it.  My hair, for the most part, went straight, very slippery and no body.  Just flat.


I don't depend so much on the shampoo and conditioner as I do on the products after washing.  I use Garnier Curl

Sculpt Conditioning Cream Gel.  Just $3-$4.  I've tried countless other products, but go back to this.  Super affordable.  Try this before you dump a lot of money on other stuff.  Easily found at Target and Walmart. 





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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

Wen 613!  I've been a user for 7 years and never had the results I do before Wen.  While it may cost more than other products on the market, you don't need anything else but the cleansing conditioner itself - no separate conditioners, gels, etc.  Buy it on QVC with the Easy Pay option and if it doesn't work, it can be returned.  Read the reviews on the product here on the QVC website and you'll see all the satisfied users, etc.

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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

My hair was on a downward spiral and I was sick of blaming it on "aging hair" as I am 71.  It used to be thick, wavy, curly, abundant, could style it easily, beautiful.


It became frizzy, dry, thin, flat.  I tried so many things, ended up with a new hairdryer that is one of the modern mineral based ones like T3, etc. I got at Marshall's, huge improvement already.


I stopped all my old products and tried some new things.  I have found that I do need conditioner, can't skip it, and most brands are fine, although I do love Carol's Daughter monoi shampoo and conditioner but can't use it all the time as then I get the flat dull hair.


I also do a final cool rinse with bottled drinking water, and that has made a huge difference as our city water is gruesome, hard, icky.  


However, the ONE product that really helped bring my hair back to life and gets rid of frizz and dryness is from QVC, Julien Farel Vitamin Restore.  


I use it once or twice a week and then shampoo with Nick Chavez Mesquite shampoo and my hair is AMAZING.  The shampoo/cond. that comes with it didn't do much for my hair; others I've found are better, but they might be fine for you.  And again, don't use it everyday, just as needed.


After a year of no styling mousse but a new gel instead, careful selection of new products that work, and varying them on a regular basis, my hair is very much better.  I know it will never be what it was, but I get compliments all the time on it.  I have a short style, sort of a piecy bob, and it's so easy to care for now that it isn't so yucky. 



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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

Thank you all for the great ideas, and taking the time to post them!


The curl comes from both sides I have similar hair though not as curly, and way less her dad had curly hair when he was younger as well.  She has hair that looks permed (which I hear is coming back) so she'll be right in style. She used to straighten it more often, but now realizes it's doing damage. She has tried so many different products over the years,  many I've bought for her and nothing controls that frizz. I'm pretty sure all the ones mentioned above she has not tried so I'll make a list of them for her.



I was at Bed bath and beyond today, so I picked up a couple of the products mentioned they had  (the Hask s/c, and the Garnier product). 





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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

@meggie15, either because of health issues or medications I'm having frizz issues.  I have wavy, not curly hair.  I tried a few things that didn't work and then I found Verb Ghost Oil, which I love.  It works really well taming the frizz and bringing the shine. 


I use Verb Ghost Shampoo and Ghost Conditioner too now.  They have a few lines, this is the one I love.  You can buy Verb products at a bunch of different places.


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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

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The new products without sulfates from Pantene are quite good, but Deva Curl is great.  Never rub wet hair, just squeeze out the excess moisture.  The best thing I've ever found is using a couple of drops of Argan oil on damp hair.  Comb through.  Frizzies and flyaways are gone.  Good Luck

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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair



May I recommend BEAUTY COUNTER conditioner for children? This has given me back MY hair.



Yellow stripes...I do not sell this, but my DD uses it on granddaughter’s hair (4 years) and her gorgeous hair is like silk. Wanted (hoped) mine would be silky too, and it is restored! I just use a tiny bit...very tiny amount.

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Re: Shampoo/conditioner recommendations for frizzy hair

 I found OGX  Argan oil  Shampoo/Conditioner to work well.  Redken Friz Dismiss.  I hear Garnier Sleek and Shine works.  I tried The triple Nutrition and found that to be excessively moisterizing so it may be good for her hair. it was very  anti-fiz too