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Re: Shampoo and conditioner without silicones

My salon recommends Eufora product line as sulfate and silcone free.  BUT looking at the back of the bottles I have I see what I believe are cones anyway! methicone and so other stuff I see with "cone"....they heavily promote this line and I don't think they even know what's truly in it!  


I don't see sulfates so thats good but this stuff is very expensive.  I have tried some others and my scalp just doesn't feel clean...and I find I am washing daily then.  Just got my hair colored last Thursday...skipped washing Friday....washed Sat....skipped Sunday....washed today.  So far it's working out for me on this trial size of the Moisture Intense Eufora product.  


I also tried the Shea line and it made my hair flat and greasy feeling....just like WEN does...not to mention with that....all the rubbing and pumping and lot's of hair coming thanks.  


My hair is very curly/ I use that microfiber turbie twist towel on my wash days.  Then when I skip....I use a shower cap and course I do use the hair dryer to retouch up my style afterward for a few minutes.