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Hi, can anyone recommend a good self tanner for the face? I just bought Clinique, but oh my, it smells so bad like metal, I cannot use it. Just need something to give me a little subtle tan. Thanks

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Chaz has two new self tanners for this season which can be used on the face. He has drops that are mixed with any moisturizer and he has bronzing mist. I have both but have only used on my body. They both are great products. I don't self tan my face because my skincare pretty much diminishes the look. Instead I just use a darker foundation than I would normally use.

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Agree using a darker foundation.  Tried self tanner on face but it made 2 brown spot worse.  Foundation makeup covered them - tanner made them look like dirty spots.

Legs and arms best for tanners.

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I normally would do that too, but I live in the dessert and I can't wear foundation because it's way too hot here. 

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I use and love Tan Luxe drops for the face (HSN). You add to your moisturizer or use alone. You control the color by how many drops. No smell like metal. 


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I use tan towels - they do one for the face.  Honestly the body tan towels do smell a bit but I find the face ones ok.  I've been using these more at the moment because I hate putting foundation on with a mask (hot and sticky).  I find it last about 3/4 days because I exfoliate and cleanse regular.  I love it's not a cream or oil so you don't feel anything extra on your face.  I'm on auto deliver at HSN - they come in a pack with body tan towels but you can probably purchase them separately.  Oh and no streaking.

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I have been recently looking for a face tanner also....I had hoarded Dr. Perricone's discontinued tanner.  It was the best ever!  I finished it up.


I have drops coming but on a slow donkey ride from the warehouse, so I bought Jergen's Natural Glow at the drug store.  It is a moisturizer and gradual tanner, it works really well.  Doesn't stink and is subtle.  No streaks or blotches.  You can not see it wearing off.  It is one of those developing type.


I'll be interested to see how these drops work, if they ever get here.


I didn't know Chaz did tanner, I have to go look for that!

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I really like this one...

Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer ...

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Depending on your skincare routine, you may have a hard time keeping self-tanner on your face.  I can't so now I just use a bronzer. 

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Thank you, I will try that one. I have a tan towel around somewhere as well. The drops sound interesting as well. Thank you all