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I'll usually dampen it a bit and then use a heated brush/dryer tool.  Also put in some dry shampoo.  But if it's real warm or humid, it's just a mess on the 2nd day.  My hair is thin and wavy, so a silk or satin pillowcase doesn't work.  

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@Knit-Chick I have fine, wavy hair so it is good to know that a silk pillow case might not work before I decide to invest in one. 

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When I was a teenager I argued w/Mom about washing my hair -it was terrible.

Don't know why shampooing hair  during "Lady Days" was harmful!!

I now shampoo my hair EVERY day.

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Dry shampoo and a few spritzes of Tweak'd Revitalizing Mist is how I do my second day hair. If I'm staying home, that's good enough.  If I'm going out, I will hit it with a blow dryer snd round brush or my heated brush (Perfecter knockoff)


if your hair is long, @ninjawife , what about putting your hair up in a top knot at bedtime?

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If I need to, I'll spritz my hair down with water and follow up with a spray designed for that purpose like Ouidad Botanical Boost.  If I used just the Botanical Boost, it would require too much product to get my hair damp enough to scrunch it.  Of course, that assumes you're not re-styling your hair as in blow drying straight or other heat styling toos.  I can't really speak to using those. 


Lately, I have been really lucky in not needing to do that for 2nd day hair and I'm not sure why.  I have changed a couple of things in my routine, so I'm not sure which is the reason.  My main problem at the moment is keeping that swirl on the back of my head covered

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My second day hair always looks fabulous!

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Funny how we're all different yet all the same. 

I use a silk pillowcase and much prefer my 2nd and even 3rd day hair (depending on the length at the time).  Try silk rather than satin.

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@Group 5 minus 1 


Don't know why shampooing hair  during "Lady Days" was harmful!!


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@LindaSal   Curly/wavy here, too. I have a mister (Amazon) that I fill with w/ water and a few pumps of my silicone free conditioner. On second day or sometimes 3rd day hair, I mist it lightly. This adds moisture...scrunch and let dry while doing makeup.

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If your hair is long enough, 'pineapple' your hair at night to sleep. If it isn's long enough, wear a satin bonnet as another poster suggested.