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Years ago used the original version. Since moving to Florida needed something tame my hair not feel or look stiff. This is amazing!! Like the original but better. Resistance to humidy. My hair continues looking great. Hopefully this won't be discontinued. 💁
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I have a closet full of this and I love it. I buy it when ulta has a bogo and stock up. I grew my hair out to shoulder length and do the beach waves with the curling iron. Sometimes I make the curls tighter and it looks so soft and pretty. This hairspray keeps it exactly as it was when i left the house and I live in a humid area near the beach and at the beach in summer.  You are right - I have used dozens of hairsprays over the past 40 years and this stuff knocks them all,out of the park hands down. 

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This has been my go-to hairspray for years. Sometimes I stray, but I always come back to it.