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Searching for Safer Natural Lipstain

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Suggestions wanted for a safer natural pigmented liquid lipstain, please. I have liked the 100% Pure (brand) Fruit-Pigmented Lip Glazes (used to be sold on QVC), but I am looking for a lipstain liquid that can safely ship during the hot weather months. Thanks!


I read that in the USA, cosmetic companies are allowed to use all but 30 banned ingredients (in contrast, the EU has banned over 1,200 ingredients) in our skincare and beauty products without first doing adequate testing to prove safety. In some products, a lot of unhealthy chemicals are present. Cosmetic products are applied to the skin, where they’re then absorbed into the bloodstream, etc. Lip products are scarier as wearers tend to accidentally ingest the applied lip products!

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Re: Searching for Safer Natural Lipstain

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Re: Searching for Safer Natural Lipstain

Lipstains aren't dangerous. Pick whichever one suits your fancy.

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