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I am very sensitive to scent due to my allergies, so I try to find a body cream/lotion in the fruit or vegetable category (coconut, pineapple, cucumber, almond etc.). Does anyone know of a product in this category that REALLY smells like what its label says? I've tried products that are labeled cucumber, etc. and they smell NOTHING like it!


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Josie Maran Vanilla BEAN. She has several vanillas and bean is amazing. It's very soft and subtle, not sweet at all. Smells like pure vanilla bean extract.
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If you are sensitive to scents I'm surprised that you are able to tolerate even produce scents.

"Pure Michigan"
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Natural fruity scents are the rare few scents I can tolerate without needing an inhaler.

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Thanks StillRachB and Pook. 


Sorry, Pook, asthma must be really tough to live with!

What brands of fruity scents have you tried and do they smell true to their name? 

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Have you tried 100% Pure?

I cannot speak from experience, because I do not use body lotions, but my DD asked for them for Christmas. She is quite picky, and these are her favorites.

But we never talked about them.

Just throwing out another idea for you.

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I am scent sensitive but like cotton blossom at bath and body works, it may be a different name now

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Re: Scented body lotion

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@Item2 I do agree with Harpa. You can look up the ingred. deck at 100% Pure website. I use some of their products and they do also contain natural fruits. I will do a review of the Coconut Nourishing Body cream in a tube that I love! P.S They also have it in Vanilla Bean & Coconut which are my favorites. 19.00 8fl. oz for the tube. I do not buy the Body Butter imo for 3.4 fl. oz its too expensive (prefer JM's butter} The scent of coconut is light, hydrating ,silky, not oily & not overpowering which does last longer than most I have tryed. I always use their Shower Gels. I keep on purchasing the ones I mentioned & prefer the coconut in the warmer months, I just missed a 15% off at Pharmac website but as of March 1st they are having free shipping at 100% Pure website. 30 day return policy. Ha I ended up doing a review. If you decide to purchase, I do hope it works well for you!Smiley Happy

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I agree w/StillRachB- I currently use JM vanilla bean body butter and it smells exactly like the bean. It doesnt linger and it's s simple scent to wear. But yet continues to hydrate all day..
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Thank you all for your suggestions and for taking the time to answer my question.


I haven't posted here recently, but this is what I love about the QVC "group" here....I can usually count on very thoughtful replies. Heart


Harpa and Kabella, I love the scent of coconut in skin creams and I will be checking out the 100% Pure site for sure!