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Have you looked into the Origins line?  Everything is very pure.  Their displays are natural wood so they're easy to spot.  Our Belk carries this brand.

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Thanks!  Will do!

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Every fall I pick up the pumpkin latte at bath and body works. I usually pick up two and I stock up on their pumpkin hand sanitizer for my purse. The two bottles last me a year and I keep one on my desk and one at home. I find the scent to not be overbearing and light. I try not to have overly scented creams because my dad has breathing issues and it doesn't bother him.
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Check out L'Occitane almond collection.    

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I also recommend Josie Maran. Got the last TSV in peach and it is very subtle, as are all her scents Smiley Happy

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Love Love Love Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut Milk Souffle......First of all the scent is so good!!!!!! Second of all it feels so good on, it is a very creamy,soft scent that lasts all day. I only use the Body Souffle, and I receive more compliments. I will definitely purchase more of her products. The Souffle is pricey, but you need very little and it lasts and lasts........   

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@Item2 wrote:

I am very sensitive to scent due to my allergies, so I try to find a body cream/lotion in the fruit or vegetable category (coconut, pineapple, cucumber, almond etc.). Does anyone know of a product in this category that REALLY smells like what its label says? I've tried products that are labeled cucumber, etc. and they smell NOTHING like it!


Thanks in advance for your help!

@Item2   Bath & Body Works used to have a cucumber scent that really did smell like cucumbers.  I haven't been in a BBW store in several years - don't know if that's still available.


I no longer use "food" scents.

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Thanks so much for all your replies! ❤️❤️ I purchased the 100% Pure Coconut in the tube. I love the scent, it's very light but smells like coconut! It's also very moisturizing and not heavy as long as I apply it to WET legs and arms right out of the shower (as recommended by derm on youtube).