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Watching late night television, Snapped, on Oxygen channel.


Who do I see but Lisa Robertson doing a commercial for this product.  If I have it right, it is a hand made bar with essential oils and exfoliation in it.  Lisa states that she has never done a commercial before and that she is obsessed with this bar.


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Re: Sarah Swanson beauty bar

That's interesting.  Haven't seen it yet.

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Re: Sarah Swanson beauty bar

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Its on YouTube.  Google “Sarah Swanson Beauty Bar YouTube” and it should come up.


 ETA: Not sure if a link would be allowed.

 ETA2: Don't think it is the whole commercial, but a good introduction.



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Re: Sarah Swanson beauty bar

I just saw her as the "model" in an ad on Facebook.  New to me, but I see it is old news here.  lol.  I thought maybe it was Lisa's line under a pseudonym.