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OK, in the grand scheme of things this topic is not important. Sometimes, however, I have to get away from the news and think about insignificant issues...which brings me to Sara Gilbert’s hair. I was watching The Talk and I noticed that Sara looks like her hair went through a meat grinder. It is so sloppy and disheveled that it’s absurd. It’s no longer a wind-blown natural look. It’s just a mess. Many years ago, my mother tried to curl my stick-straight hair in preparation for school pictures. It looked just like Sara’s hair looks now. She seems to be a sweet person but her hairdresser must go.

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I believe that's the look Sara is going for, she says her hairdresser spends a lot time achieving it!

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I love her hair and envy the curls!


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She dresses  and appears like she could care less about how she looks.  Unkempt...bed head.... much like Whoopi.  Just sloppy.

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I agree @Vivian .  When she was a young girl in "Roseanne" she had quite the head of hair.  It was so thick, long and curly.  Now it almost appears as though she has it thinned or something.  It always looks dirty to me.  And, like @SeaMaiden  said, she often appears unkempt.  

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I sincerely doubt she "has it thinned."  It could have thinned due to age, meds, illness, etc. and Sara is just trying to make the most of it.  

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Sara is a half-sister to Melissa Gilbert - so different.For some reason, I don't take to Sara!!!

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As an actress I did not like her in Roseanne, Big Bang Theory or the Connor's.  Don't like her on The Talk.  



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“WHO CARES! When you judge others, you do not define them. You define yourself!" 😱