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Sandra Bennett

I was watching Sandra Bennett presenting Philosphy.  She looked so lovely.  I have always liked her.  Very down to earth.  She always looks nice but last night she just looked lovely.

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Re: Sandra Bennett

She is a pretty lady.

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Re: Sandra Bennett

Although I did not watch yesterday, I must say that Sandra Bennett always looks beautiful.  And always polished, as opposed to some other hosts who look like they threw something on while they were asleep, IMO.  One of my favorite looks on her is when she wore a lovely black Maggy London dress with nude Prada heels (below, with the wonderful Alberti Popaj, who always looks great as well).  When they are on the air, either together or separately, Sandra and Alberti are not only professional but very sincere.  Two of my favorite hosts.


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Re: Sandra Bennett

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I get the feeling she puts a lot of effort into her clothing choices. I wish she could accessorize better...wear jewelry that complements the dresses. Her jewelry choices are boring, in my opinion.

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Re: Sandra Bennett

I agree. I think Sandra is beautiful and always looks fashionable!

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Re: Sandra Bennett

She dresses nice, but I find her voice annoying along with the way she talks over people.
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Re: Sandra Bennett

I'm not a SB fan, find her boring and superficial, she dresses well though.

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Re: Sandra Bennett

Why does she get stuck with Susan Graver every Sunday night?

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Re: Sandra Bennett

Sandra and Susan work well together. I don't see her stuck at all. They appear to be genuine friends.