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San Tropez Tanner Representative

This is the first time I've watched the San Tropez Tanner representative.  She really needs to tone down on her product as she is not a good advertisement for it.   Sorry.  Not healthy looking at all.

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

Maybe her lighting is part of the problem, but it looks as if she's been dipped in shiny black tint. On her this looks highly unnatural, as if she applied way too much.

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

She looked ridiculous.  A tan should make you look healthy, naturally glowing, not almost black and overbaked.

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

@gma of tucker @I actually said "OMG" when I saw her. I got a new tv and thought my color must be off. I have had a few streaky messes myself, so it was a pass for me. 

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

I am glad I am not the only one that thought this.  She looked so shiny and silvery, at least on my TV.  I thought she looked like the Tinman from Wizard of Oz.  It had to be her lighting.

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

Maybe it can be a public service announcement--- Some peopledo go over board with the tanner. 


A little color is nice... but too much faux tan is a bad look.  You also have to consider your environment.... super tan in March in the Northeast?  Looks odd.  Super tan in Miami-- ok. 


I also think, not to bash a person.  but she needs some coaching on how to let the host talk.... don't keep chiming in and talking over the host.  Hopefully she'll watch that back and improve over time.  I had to change the chanel.  It was giving me a headache.  

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

I missed that presentation, but have noticed many hosts and especially models look quite orange...palms of hands, too. 


I can't use self-tanner, but I have seen wonderful, natural results with those drops you add to your moisturizers. They are very natural looking and adjustable to your skin tone.

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

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I would agree something was off with the lighting or something, she was too shiny and it reflected her veins in her arms, looking they were standing out specifically?  She is a very thin woman, and I thought dark dark color on her combined with the poor lighting was a huge disservice to her.  Even in studio her faux tan is too dark for her in my opinion, but these last few times she has been skypeing in has not been flattering.  It also aged her, like people who over expose themselves to the sun or tanning beds.  Honorable mention to SK as well, who actually made me say out loud "oh no, what did you do?"  on Daretoshare.  Her face was too dark compared to the rest of her, and I am goung to blame it on faux tanning.  I know they are not using makeup artists, but you have to be so careful with the face specifically.  Very little product is needed and you can always use bronzer if you need to match it more to your body.  ETA:  Imo, these over tanned presentations are not supporting the claims of the product. I used to use ST for faux tanning too, but it never dried down, had to sit around all day in old gym shorts and tanks or apply it at bedtime and sweat it off in my sleep, staining the sheets. I switched to Isle of Paradise and Tan Luxe butter. they do not come off of my clothes. They dry right down. I'm a very happy camper, and tan! 

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

I was shocked when I saw the vendor. Maybe the lighting was making it look worse?  I've seen her in the past on the set and she didn't look like that.


I felt there was a pronounced orange affect, with all who had applied it. Even with Shawn. I felt Shawn was also looking a little too dark for her. 


I sure wasn't sold. It was obviously self tanner, not realistic looking. With self tanners, less is often more. 

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Re: San Tropez Tanner Representative

I believe the rep put too much on with her demonstrations.  She's doing it over and over.