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Parts of my state is beginning to open tomorrow. Hair salons are scheduled to open the 29th. Now I hear that our governor won't allow them to open until phase 4 or 5 (we are in phase 3)!! Now I'm getting very angry! My salon consists of my stylist/owner and me. That's it. Just the two of us every time I go. I just can't see not being allowed to go. Grrrrr.

Our state has re-opened - everything.  We are paying the price.  Our small town of 85,000 now has increases of at least 30 COVID cases every day.  That's a big number for a small town.  That's why I will continue social distancing for a long time.  No salon visit, restaurant visit, etc. is worth my health. 

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I'm jealous too.  I feel for my hairdresser who owns her own shop.  She is a fairly new shop owner too, only having owned her own shop for two years and it was a dream of hers her entire life.  I would be furious if I were her.  I cannot wait to get my hair done by her and hope that her salon survives.  After all, our power hungry governor has no hair.   

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I got my hair cut shorter than I have in a long time but it grows fast. Bye bye using tons of conditioner and trying to comb it. My salon isn't taking but so many people a day because the owner is being extremely cautious. She said many people have called her wanting her to come to their home or meet her somewhere prior to opening but she refused.

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I got my "do" done today and I think my head feels 5 pounds lighter, LOL!! It was great to see everyone again too! The only thing they aren't doing (for the next couple of weeks) is blow-drying your hair before you leave. That was fine with me, I'm just glad to have it cut, colored and foiled! Buh, bye gray hairs, at least for now!
It just felt so normal to be sitting in that chair again!! Happy girl!!!😃😃
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There is a hair place in Springfield, MO that has infected over 140 people since the 2 stylists tested positive for Covid-19.


They "claim" they were wearing masks, but it still spread like wildfire and affected all those clients. 


I go to work everyday and one guy coughs and just turns his head.  It is so disrespectful to everyone.  I am wearing a mask all day in my office, I'm the only one wearing it.  But I don't care. 


My state's cases have increased substantially since they opened up businesses.  Some people don't care.   I protect others, but am not comfortable now going to get my hair cut.  Since a hair stylist is right next to you, perhaps we all need more sophisticated masks than the cloth ones many of us can only find. 


I am all alone.  If I get this, no one will help me and I don't know what I will do.

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My salon is owned by a middle aged couple so I am hoping they have all the common sense for their age group and no silliness.  I would be more reluctant with all young owners.  I could not imagine having to wait another month for a cut.  If so, I will take matters into my own hands and become a stylist for one day.  lol

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For me, it is not worth the risk. 

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My salon took my temperature when I arrived.  There was no blow dry due to virius concerns.  Everyone had masks.  There were partitions between stations and lots of cleaning. I was OK with no blow dry since I live about a mile away.  I got color and cut.  I decided no more highlights.

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Thank goodness I let my hair go grey when I retired, so the color is not an issue for me.  However, I wear my hair in a pixie cut and I have not had my haircut since mid February.  I always go every 5 weeks, so needless to say, I have "wings" and flips all over my head.  I have trimmed my bangs twice already.  I live in CA and we are in phase 2.5, so it will probably be at least a month or two before the salons open.  I must admit though, that when thinking about it, I miss my housecleaners more that the hair stylist.  Haven't had them in the house since mid February also.  Don't know which is worse, my hair or my house!!!!!

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Got my hair trimmed last week.  Only 2 in the salon at a time on opposite ends of the salon.  Masks on, doors open so you don't have to touch them.  Masks and gloves for the stylists.  Easy-peesy in and out.  Less of a risk than stores.  They cleaned each chair and used a new smock after each hair cut.