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Re: Sad Lancome makeover😞

@JustJazzmom wrote:

I wonder since L'Oreal purchased Lancôme if the product lines have become more L'Oreal-like? I was upset when Lancôme discontinued their Visionnaire skin care line. 

I like their powder Dual Finish foundation. 



I think L'Oreal acquired Lancome in the 1960's.  


The first Lancome foundation I tried of was the Dual Finish, I still use several of their products .

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Re: Sad Lancome makeover😞

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Lancome has some good foundations that are popular with many you tubers.  I've always liked their mascara.

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Re: Sad Lancome makeover😞

I tried the new foundation. I don’t do glow, but to reiterate the colors are a bit odd( a little too orange) and the colors are not sequential. The finish was nice.