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Thanks, forum members, for letting me know it is not just me. I can think of 7 different items over the past 6 months that have been cancelled on me. And , agin, I will add that none of those orders were waitlist or advance orders. They were all regular stock items.

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I ordered the Perricone TSV and it is on backorder. In full disclosure, since this was my first Perricone purchase, I ordered early in the day, but decided to pay by check. My hope was to get a chance to read a few reviews, hopefully hear positive comments and change my method of payment to a credit card. In less than the required amount of time, I did pay for the item.

I do not feel overselling is very good for their customer relationships. Getting an email, telling me I am allowed to cancel an item I have placed on auto delivery, seems like an easy way out for QVC and the vendor.

While not a legal contract, it does seem they should either make good on the sale or offer a comparable item for about the same price. I doubt I will ever get my Perricone 5 pc. set.

As stevieb pointed out, QVC is becoming less of an option and it is becoming easier for customers to walk away (at least for me). I don't get it, so many companies spend a good deal of money to acquire and retain customers, so why does QVC let customers walk away. Once a customer goes elsewhere, I am sure it is difficult to lure them back.