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Dimitri said that he did not know when we would see him again as he was presenting the Collegenesis special value kit. A  caller asked him if he was leaving Evine and he was evasive and they cut her off.  Has anyone heard or read anything about his plans in the new year????

I love his products and will be heartbroken if he leaves Evine. Thanks for any news you can share with me.

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I just heard the same caller and wondered the same thing. I thought the way Melissa said, “the last time before Christmas” seemed kind of telling. I will follow Dimitri to another shopping channel if he leaves. Maybe shipping would be better elsewhere. I recently ordered from the Skinn site and got some really good deals on holiday kits but the prices on his site aren’t great on a regular basis.
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I heard that also, I guess time will tell.  

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On another thread it stated the Serious Skin Care has moved from HSN and might be going to Evine in Jan.   If Evine dumps Skinn for SSC I'm done with Evine.  SSC should take a look at what they put in there product.   

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I would be surprised if Dimitri leaves Evine...he is a major money maker for them.  If he did leave, I would think it would be his decision. 

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Why assume that Evine would be dumping Skinn.  Evine has brought so many new skincare lines and Dimitri may have been showing a loss in sales because of this and may want to try elsewhere which would make more sense.  I don't think Evine or any place would dump a line that is a good money maker.  Dimitri left both QVC and HSN over the years and it was his choice.

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OMG....I heard that too! D could not answer the question and after a few seconds Melissa jumped in to cover and said ....."last show before end of year". Stumbling over words, they cut the caller off quickly and then repeated several times that it was the last show of the year. Very obvious to me and I am not an alarmist.


I hope I am not right but I believe in my heart it could not have been clearer. I stocked up last time because I thought he did not act like himself. I did attribute it to fatigue but who knows. He is loved by so many, he will either stay at Evine(?) or move to another channel. I know he will do right by all of us.


I bought more this visit in case it is a bit of time before we see him.


Fingers crossed.......I believe in him.

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Musical chairs.........

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I heard it too, and would be sad if he left but consider this:


Perhaps he is a  little "hemmed in" by his contract with Evine? who knows how much he has to "give", both physically, (by being there) financially ( having to share his profits) and emotionally (lets face it, this stuff takes a toll on a person's psyche) 


Constantly having to come up with new stuff to satisy  "them"..


Just thinking out loud, but now that he has such a great following, perhaps it is time to leave TV pitching behind...

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That was a very awkward phone call. Maybe DiMitris sister will be taking over for him?