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My attitude is do not worry about what has not happened.....yet....

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@sandylu wrote:

OMG....I heard that too! D could not answer the question and after a few seconds Melissa jumped in to cover and said ....."last show before end of year". Stumbling over words, they cut the caller off quickly and then repeated several times that it was the last show of the year. Very obvious to me and I am not an alarmist.


I hope I am not right but I believe in my heart it could not have been clearer. I stocked up last time because I thought he did not act like himself. I did attribute it to fatigue but who knows. He is loved by so many, he will either stay at Evine(?) or move to another channel. I know he will do right by all of us.


I bought more this visit in case it is a bit of time before we see him.


Fingers crossed.......I believe in him.



To add on to your comment, I don't think Dimitri has acted like himself in quite some time. He seems different (in many ways) and it just feels like his heart's not in this anymore.  

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I heard both callers as well as Dimitri's non response. I believe that silence speaks volumes.


I agree that he hasn't been himself in quite some time and feel that he is probably unhappy that Evine is bringing in so many new beauty brands -- one, Active Argan, which has been very successful in the past year. Now the new threat is Serious Skincare who have been selling out their inventory on both HSN and their own website. I am willing to bet anything that when they launch on Evine,  they will have done a major reformulation of their products which is long overdue.


SSC may have been the last straw for Dimitri and if he's leaving I am certain the decision was his.


Where he'll land is a big question. HSN is unlikely since Adrienne is still there (and going nowhere since HSN owns her line), and Dimitri used to work for her years ago and has not spoken kindly of her products.




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@staceyluvsyou wrote:

That was a very awkward phone call. Maybe DiMitris sister will be taking over for him?

I have been wondering about her increased presence- and she is getting more comfortable on air, but is not even close to the type of "presentor" that Dmititri is..I really like her a lot-but having a business that is so personality -driven will drive you into an early grave so I hope, for his sake, he can begin  to take it a  little easier- Having someon e to take over for him would be a start...

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I didn't hear the call but that seems like an odd question for someone to ask live on air and expect an answer to.


Also, it is less than 2 weeks before Christmas so the fact that Melissa said this was his last show before Christmas isn't surprising.  Most of the time they start winding up these vendors so they aren't traveling close to the holidays.


Earlier in the week Jill Bauer was on with Philosophy and said it was their last show until after Christmas and the same was said for IT Cosmetics recently.  It doesn't mean they are gone, just they are done for the year.  

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@the mink wrote:

Dimitri said that he did not know when we would see him again as he was presenting the Collegenesis special value kit. A  caller asked him if he was leaving Evine and he was evasive and they cut her off.  Has anyone heard or read anything about his plans in the new year????

I love his products and will be heartbroken if he leaves Evine. Thanks for any news you can share with me.

No need to be "heartbroken".  He has a web site that's very easy to use and I feel certain he'll show up on one of the other channels when he's ready.  

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I don't think EVINE has that many beauty lines to offer. I received a 20% off anything coupon yesterday and now they're offering free shipping over $75 so I decided to take a look. They offer a LOT of fragrances but complete skin care lines? Not really. Not compared to QVC or HSN. If Dimitri is "threatened" by SSC arriving (I doubt he is but playing along here) then no way would he go to QVC or HSN.


Maybe HE is just tired of the grind and we won't see HIM next year but we'll be seeing his sister instead. 

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I'm watching now.He was quiet on his previous visit but these last few shows during this visit he is really not himself. Very forgetful,forgetting the models names,product names,product ingredients. He often needs help from the hosts.It reminds me of when Connie Kunkle had early onset Alzheimer's 

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After the phone call you described it seems very obvious he is leaving Evine, otherwise he would have been so quick to say he was not and Melissa would have said something like they are never letting go of him.

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i agree. Whatever happens I am sure we will see his line. There seems to be so many demands on the vendors to come long shows....come up w new is exhausting. Honestly, I do not know how they do it. Maybe some of the other rising lines have something to do w it. Who knows???? Lots of strong personalities in some of the lines.....


I do know that we will hear something, either way, from him on facebook or other social media.Let's keep one another informed with what we may see or hear.Tthe truth will come out eventually. In the meantime I will continue to purchase while the prices are so good.


We will see his demeanor the rest of the shows.........................Tina too (love her)