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The SIROT skincare on EVINE sure looked amazing. I am a little careful of what I spend on skin care so I am not sure if I will try. But the results are amazing and the reviews.

Has anyone tried or plan to try? Is it worth the money?

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I ordered the day/night hand cream set. It wasn't too much of an investment. The skin care looks interesting but I stocked up on the last Skinn visit!  Will be curious to see reviews when they start coming in.

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Watched the premiere.  I'm sticking with Skinn.  So far, so good.

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I ordered the eye serum and hand cream (night). Interesting products.

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I was flipping through channels and saw this woman who is selling the product - she's very odd - I realize she used to be a hand model - but she is totally obsessed with her hands - weird! 

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I'm going to try the eye serum.

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I just do not like the name of the line or the looks of the packaging.... Just a turn off.

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First, I wouldn't necessarily purchase skincare based on reviews from customers who just received the item and have only used it for a short time. 


Second, I was completely turned off by Ms. Sirot's garbled, slurred presentations of her products.  If I'm not able to understand clearly what she's offering and what makes it unique, then I feel no compunction to "process order".  


Wait and see attitude here...   If I do decide to dip my toe in further out, it'll be in spite of what I've not been able to decipher from the presentations.Woman Wink  



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I got a sample of the eye serum with an order.  I tried it on my hand and didn't like the look.  My hands reflected light like the tin man.  Maybe around the eye this is a good thing.  So I put a tiny speck under one eye.  Same effect but the creases and wrinkles were exaggerated (level skin was shiney, creases were dark and looked deeper) and within a half an hour my eye began to burn and water.  Nope, not ordering.

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Its a little costly. And with that  Kit you got 3 full size products and then only a travel size hand product. I doubt I will order. It always seems like things are amazing but then they usually arent!! Thanks for all messages.

If we all had the same opinion or everyone was the same. the world would be a very boring place!