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@Mindy D   I'm just too grossed out by all of it!!!!!!!!!  It's ALL goin' back!!!  Seriously, though, you shed some light on a very important subject.  You certainly opened my eyes.  Guess you learn something new everyday!  :-)

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How do you know Ulta doesn’t have product from the same lot in their inventory.

If the product looks and smells ok, I’m not going to turn myself inside out fretting over it. You do you though.
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Unopened eyeshadow goes bad?  Even opened, I literally use eyeshadows for years.

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It's unfortunate and very disappointing!  I used to love IT products but when they sold the company (I forget to whom) I stopped buying it, I just sensed a difference I didn't like and that was good enough for me.  As a general info I have found QVC'S (products) to be roughly "just" out of style, their electronics "just" off the original shelves and going out in favor of new styles (probably how they got good deals for resale)....  Now I've gotten items from QVC I've just loved including the original I-Pad (just as Apple was stopping selling this size), wonderful purses, some clothing..... but I really don't care if something is right on trend or not.  However, old make up is something entirely different....  Woman Frustrated   

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It bothers me that when customers order cosmetics from QVC, they don't know just how old the make-up may be. Do they do this with food too? I think the powers-that-be need to be attuned to the ethical considerations of this practice. I don't know whether a distributor is pulling a fast one, someone in the supply chain decided to make a few bucks by selling expired products at regular prices, or whether sinister forces are afoot at QVC, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes. Whatever is going on, QVC is now joining Amazon and Walmart as places where I will not buy cosmetics online. My list is getting too long.

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I don't use much makeup so I didn't know makeup had a "shelf life."  I always thought that once the product is opened then it may turn rancid.  I have a foundation from Revlon that has been opened for years and I still use it occasionally.  It doesn't smell bad or look bad.  Am I missing something???



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@BarbiHollywood wrote:

@tucsongal   It might be okay, who knows, but there's no idea of knowing when it was manufactured.  If it was manufactured in, say, 2020 and had a 24M unopened shelf life, that'd be fine.  But what if it was manufactured back in 2017...even with a 24M shelf life, I wouldn't want to use it.  The whole kit's going back and I'll go buy it fresh elsewhere.  Live and learn, right??!!!!   :-)))


@BarbiHollywood - That jar symbol, as @tucsongal tried to explain, is how long a shelf life a product has after it has been opened.  Many products have a much longer shelf life unopened.


You said in your first post that you got the kit, tried it all and it was good.  So I'm not sure what the problem is.


As for the CS reps, they wouldn't have the information you're asking them for, so it's not their fault they can't answer your questions.  At least she directed you to a website that could provide the information.


I've ordered a lot of makeup from QVC and never had an issue.  I check it when it arrives - if I'm happy with it, I don't bother to research manufacturing dates.  And I don't do that with makeup I buy in B&M stores either.

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Food doesn’t ship from QVC’s warehouse. It ships from the manufacturer.

So when you buy makeup at Target or Sephora or Nordstrom or Dollar General, do they tell you the day it was made?

I swear, my mother has been had the same Cover Girl cheekers blush since 1987. Nothing bad has happened yet.
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@kaydee50  Using products that old could be hazardous. The liklihood of microbial/bacterial contamination in products that old is high. You could get conjunctivitis, skin infection or even swallow some. The preservatives in the product have long passed their ability to keep you safe. It's time to get a couple of new products. It's better to be safe than sorry. 

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Q is just the middleman, the products sold come from IT so shame them. I sent an email about this thread to IT & I'm hoping to get a reply soon about shelf life & expiration dates...instead of huffing & puffing here take the time & email IT too. I use their powder foundation & bought 3 today on HSN 50% off sale so their explanation matters to me...I toss my compact every 6 months, it's still almost half full so I never paid attention to the expiration date.