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I rarely have anything to post to the Beauty board, but had a neat experience with this hairspray yesterday and wanted to share.


When I got up yesterday my normally wavy/curly hair was extremely flat and just.....ugh. I decided to break out the old curling iron. Fixed my hair then I remembered we'd had a cold front come through overnight and it was still very windy outside. I had zero hairspray (quit using it years ago) so checked in my daughter's old vanity and found a little bit left in an old (5+years) can of this Rusk hairspray; figured it was better than nothing.


If it is possible to love a hairspray, I now love this one! Not only did my hair feel and stay soft all day, but it also stayed just like it looked when I left my house that morning. Even with the wind! I don't think I have ever had that happen in my life so it made a big impression on me. I've got to stop by Walgreen's later today and I've added that to my shopping list. I'm hoping that there hasn't been any formula change (lol or the line has been discontinued, that would be my luck).

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That is quite a testimonial, thanks for sharing. I am going to  check this out myself. 

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I have been using this hairspray for 20+ years.  Its a winner!  Ulta has buy 2 get one free from time to time.

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I've been using this hairspray for a few years and just used my last bottle so I definitely need to make another Ultra trip soon-I think they have buy 2 get 1 free right now.  I have fine, straight hair just past my shoulders and this spray really holds any style I choose all day.  No stiffness, no stickiness, my hair moves.  I alternate the Rusk with Loreal Elnett hairspray and when it is really, really humid I have just discovered Loreal Lock It will work nicely.


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@catchersmom  I use this hairspray, too!  They still make the full size and travel size, so you're in luck.  Ulta also has sales sometimes.  I think it was on sale a few weeks ago for 21 Days of Hair.  They also have the Plus version, which is a stronger hold I believe.  I have the regular version and it's a light hairspray on me, in terms of hold.

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