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@MakeUpMaidn  They advertise it helps with the cellulite on your backside and thighs.  It's very expensive.  I've never wasted my money on it because I don't believe a cream can help with that.  Trader Joes has there own version once or twice a year and last year Costco carried a 2 pack of another brand stating it would do the same thing.  I did buy a container at Trader Joes and it was a lovely moisturizer for that area, but I know it's all hype. Hope that answers your question.





Wow.  Go figure!  Thanks!  Woman Happy


I need to look and see if my B\/TT has cellulite. (I  know it could use a crane,  'hiking it up" tho


My thighs, definitely have cellulite!

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Have you tried the pink Sol de Janeiro lotion yet?