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Kind of off topic but...
Those who received the Mally x RuPaul promo email: anyone know about the lip crayons pictured?
Maybe it is just a stock photo. I saw a couple of colors I liked.
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rupaul collab with mally




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I love Ru Paul, but I can't stand Mally's screaming.




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Ru Paul can stay.


Mally can go.

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I opened the app for something else and saw RuPaul on so I wat hex for a few minutes. I like him but I wasn’t interested in any of the products so I was out of there. 

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Before Beauty IQ went belly up. There was a show where Alberti hosted, in a rainbow sweater, with a beauty  (blogger)  who  was a guy putting on woman's makeup.


He gave excellent tips.


I thought the FB audience that was commenting were going to loose their collective minds. It did not bother me at all, but several people were pretty offended to put it mildly. 


I am on west coast time so I was at work when the first show aired. I believe that they will be having a show later on tonight that is friendlier for us West Coast viewers.  I plan on watching. 

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I too am on the west coast and missed the show.  I hope I can catch the next one.  Love Ru!

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@SilleeMee wrote:

No one does dramatic makeup better than a drag queen. The makeup tips are awesome. Can't wait for RP's show!

I like him but Mally hurts my ears

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@islandgrrl wrote:

I too am on the west coast and missed the show.  I hope I can catch the next one.  Love Ru!


I think it comes on at 10:00 P.M. for us

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Loved the show! Love RuPaul!