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Revlon Colorstay nail polish - my review


After reading many posts about success with this product, I decided to give it a whirl.

I bought the pale cashmere color, base coat and top coat from this line. Pale cashmere is the palest pink and very pretty.

I have short nails that are in fairly good shape. I use Burts Bee's lemon cuticle balm and also apply Pro-Strong Fluoride nail strengthener daily.

Sunday: I applied 1 coat of the base and let it dry for a few minutes. Needed 3 coats of this color to achieve opaque coverage. Then I applied 1 layer of top coat. I did this on Sunday afternoon as I understand from other reviews that it takes a long time for this polish to completely dry.

As of yesterday (Wednesday), the polish has stayed on, but it looks like weathered cracked paint. Minimal tip wear and no significant chips, but the cracked paint look is more than I can bear so I will remove it tonight.

I wonder if the fluoride strengthener is having a negative affect. Anyway, this has been my experience. I know some ladies love the product and am happy you have found a system that works.