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Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

I have been trying the Chidoriya Japanese Beauty line the past 4-6 weeks and wanted to give you feedback on this small family owned and run business.


[FYI, this will be a longer review. I simply like sharing all I have learned or know about something. I am not paid for or sponsered or anything by this company.]


I first heard of them on Smallflower ( where there are numerous videos by the Smallflower brothers interviewing and trying the products that the owner was demonstrating. Just go to:


There are 3-5 videos, 3 with the current owner/manager of the company, Chidoriya.  I LOVE Smallflower for sourcing and creating these videos, they are a great website, please go check them out! They share SO much info!


I purchased some of my items from Smallflower and some from a local store selling the line in San Diego, CA. The shop is called "Vitreum" and if you love plants, beautiful Japanese items, or just 'beauty', PLEASE go check this shop out. They are amazing. Get your marimo balls here! (Cute algae balls that make great fish companions or houseplants.) Vitreum only has a few items from the brand, but was carrying the 'try me' kits, so call them up and ask for anything you need!


My background:

I have sensitive, reactive, mild/medium rosacea, and have previously enjoyed fragrance and color free products from Paula's Choice, Shea Terra Organics (LOVE) and Alpha Hydrox (LOVE) Cerave brand and the occasional retinol.


Chidoriya's Products Review: (full line at


All items below show a "Handcrafted in USA" label unless otherwise stated. The brand is based in New York.


1. Camellia Oil. (Made in Japan.)


I swore I would not buy another oil. I swore it. Then I felt and played with their Camellia oil. WOW. This HAND PRESSED oil is a light(er) oil my skin and hair just drink in. I LOVE the bottle that I simply unscrew and tip for one drop, or shake gently for several drops. (Why is not every oil company doing this?) I can't recommend this oil enough. I add it to everything and everywhere. Please read their website for the story on their oil. [It reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Marula oil.]


"Camellia Oil has a very similar consistency to Oleic Acid which is naturally produced by the skin and known for its deeply penetrating quality. The fruit (looks like a nut) contains mainly oleic acid (86%), Palmitic Acid, Linoleic Acid Omega 6, Stearic Acid and Arachidic Acid."


2. Secret de Geiko Face Cream (in green labeled jar.) I chose this formulation for its simple 3 ingredient list: Certified Organic Shea butter, Camellia Seed Oil, Gettou Alpinia Zerumbet Oil.


This melts on my fingertips into an oil when warmed. I then pat it in. Smells a little like pine from the Gettou oil.


I love shea butter based creams, my face does too, and if you are like me and do not want to add the 10th bottle of oil to your counter, try this instead! Its the best of all worlds, so calming and my face seems to absolutely love it, and I credit this for calming down a recent rosacea flare up. I use day (lightly, before sunscreen) and at night.


Chodoriya states: "Pure Gettou Oil works as natural preservative, anti-inflammation property, helps to prevent acne, also contains polyphenol (34 times more than what is in red wine!) to help compound Collagen, Elastin, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties while the pure camellia oil leaves skin extremely soft and hydrated."


There is another shea based cream "Secret de Maiko" in a red labeled jar. There are more essential oils in this one, so I have not tried it. .


3. Peach Moon Herbal Water ( Made in Japan.)


Ok, another shocker for me, since its rare I will use a toner, I generally only use ones I believe will help add moisture, and have soothing ingredients. Its only ingredients are: Alpinia Zerumbet (shell ginger) Hydrosol, Grapefruit Seed Extract (natural preservative.)


I only tried this because it was in a 'try me' kit and wow. I feel it has really helped sooth my skin and keep it calm and moisturized. It smells a little like pine and I like the smell. I use the moisturizer lightly, then splash on about 4-5 drops and pat into my skin, then apply a second later of moisturizer to 'seal' it in.


4. Azuki Red Bean & Brown Sugar Soap


Only contains: Vegetable Glycerin Soap Base, Camellia Oil, Organic Brown Sugar, Azuki Red Bean Powder


I really have enjoyed this. Leaves my skin soft, moisturized and squeaky clean. I did not use to remove makeup nor my heavy sunscreen. I will likely continue my Cerave cream cleanser to remove sunscreen, and Alpha Hydrox foaming cleanser for PM cleansing. However, this is a great soap and was in my 'try me' kit. I can easily recommend it. And the technique the owner uses to create the foam is a must watch video on SmallflowerTV! (Its the one where she is in front of the mirror.)


5. Silk & Rice Bran Facial Soap


This was also in a try me kit. The essential oils of lavender and geranium oil smelled nice, and the soap left my skin silky (used three times,) but I worried it would irritate my sensitive skin (it didn't when I tried it, but I went back to the Azuki soap for its simple formula. My skin historically does VERY well with glycerin based soaps.)


6. Hinoki Balm


See below for more info on Hinoki oil. This melts instantly into an oil, but somehow still has 'gasping' power and doesn't just disappear. I've been using around a dry nose (so I can smell it's very light lemon-pine scent,) and my lips (on top of 100% pure shea butter, which is thicker and denser.)  A little goes a long way! I have tapped this on and off on my skin with no irritation but generally keep it to lips/nose for now.


Again, very simple: Pure Camellia Seed Oil, Unrefined Beeswax, Hinoki Oil, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil CO2


7. Hinoki Oil (Unsure of origin: I have to check my bottle)


OK this is what I began to research that made me find the line at Smallflower and roll on from there.  I wrote a post about it here in November 2015.


Chidoriya states: Hinoki is known for its ability to kill bacteria, viruses and viral infections. In Japan Hinoki is a well known oil and is used in temples, bath environments and shrines. The two strong properties found in Hinoki oil have a relaxing and decongestant effect and are excellent for the relief of blocked noses, sinus and chest congestion, breathing problems like asthma as well as the relief of stress and tension.


However, I googled the oil after reading: "Take Two Hours of Pine Forest and Call Me in the Morning":


Where about three-quarters of the way into the article, the research of Mr. Qing Li, an immunologist in the department of hygiene and public health at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, is discussed, and the possible benefits of this oil.


The article goes on to state:

"Li is interested in nature’s effect on the human immune system. A person’s natural killer immune cells (NK cells for short) can, like cortisol and hemoglobin, be reliably measured in a lab. A type of white blood cell, NK cells are handy to have around, since they send self-destruct messages to tumors and virus-infected cells. It’s been known for a long time that factors like stress, aging, and pesticides can reduce your NK count, at least temporarily. So, Li wondered, if nature reduces stress, could it also increase your NK cells and thereby help you fight infections and cancer? [...]


To test the phytoncide theory, Li sequestered 12 subjects in hotel rooms. In some rooms, he rigged a humidifier to vaporize stem oil from common Hinoki cypress trees; other rooms got nothing. The results? The cypress dwellers had a 20 percent increase in NK cells during their three-night stay and reported feeling less fatigued. The control group saw almost no changes. “It’s like a miracle drug,” said Li.


...But Li found similar results with NK cells in a petri dish: they increased in the presence of aromatic cypress molecules. So did anti-cancer proteins and proteases called granulysin, granzymes A and B, and perforin, which act by causing tumor cells to self-destruct. Li’s olfaction theory is unconventional, but it contains some of that Zen five-sense wisdom. While American researchers are mostly showing people pictures of nature, the Japanese are pouring it into every orifice..."


If you google the researcher's name and "NK cells" there are many more scientific papers from his lab on the web with more detailed information than in the article regarding Hinoki oil trials.


Something that smells good AND might boost my immunity? Yes please.


So that's my review of what I have liked about this line. If ANYONE else is trying it, will you please post?! I would love to hear what others have to say about this line.

Thanks for your patience in making it to the end!

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

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A very thorough, detailed review ! Small flower is a nice company. I'll have to look into this line. Thanks, @cerinthe!

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

I was in such a rush to finish that, that I forgot to mention a few things about how I use the Hinoki oil!


First, the Hinoki oil I got from Chidoriya came with an expiration date that was into mid-2017 on the container. It also has a full sheet of information about the oil, describing how to use it, how and why to use a carrier oil, amounts to use in recipes and so on. It was surprisingly detailed! This pleased me to no end because not many companies include this much information and suggestions on a product!


I currently am using the Hinoki oil in a ultrasonic diffuser in my bathroom, also I will use it on plain reed diffusers or light bulb warming diffusers in other rooms if I feel like it. I use very little. The oil has the most lovely 'clean' uplifting scent of a lemon-pine.


I mainly keep the balm at the office so its a 'pick me up' when I feel like a touch up. I'm just really glad I stumbled into this line.


Next to try: Their Yuzu lip balm, their cleansing oil (I'm still shy! I have a sample of it from a try me kit: Those try me kits come in 'four' varieties (basically the soaps and moisturizer changes in four different combinations, its easiest to understand if you go to the brand website.) and I might try the red bean exfoliation grains, I dunno! I am sure I will find more things to try in this line. Smiley Happy

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

Has anyone tried any other products from this line yet? I'm still enjoying the ones mentioned above. Thanks!

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

I am going to reply to my own review to give an UPDATE especially with regards to my rosacea.


i recently visited my dermatologist and he remarked on the great reduction of overall inflammation an decreased redness in my skin (noticeable red capillaries were however unchanged.) I had also noticed this, especially since my cheek-skin has been less reactive and much less "glowy background" red, overall. 


My my derm showed me pictures from last year and WOW, it was a noticeable difference. I also don't get little puss filled bumps on the cheeks anymore (I had been getting them in low numbers on occasion, mainly and directly after a big day in the sun, no matter how much mineral based sun cream I use. Chemicals sunscreen will irritate my skin.)


My cleansers are unchanged: Alpha foaming cleanser at night and cereve cream cleanser to removed heavy sunscreens as needed. Also use of Chidoriya new cleaning balm to remove makeup- it's fantastic, only using last month or two.


My regular use of Alpha 14% peel pads 3 times a week hadn't changed (used lightly, and now sold as the same formula as a serum, highly recommend, and I always rinse off after 15 minutes. It really got my skin back to acting more naturally and holding ,oils true again about 8+ years ago and I've used it since, derm approved. But this might not be good for all sensitive skin, start low and gentle!)


My sunscreens are the same, primarily It Cosmetics CC cream 50 and Elta MD 41 mineral based worn religiously and daily.


My diet had not changed: avoiding alcohol (I have a strong reaction that lasts days!) and coffee is less than 5 cups a week. Also maintaining daily probiotics which I think has helped a lot. Walking about 5 days a week.


What changed was my basic skin care. Since December, I've been using two of Chidoriya's products pretty consistently (6 days a week.) 


What I think has made the largest difference is the basic "Geiko" (green label) face moisturizer - it contains only Shea butter, camellia seed oil and the Gettou (Alpinia Zerumbet) Oil. I use this in day lightly and night more intense. See original post. Again, my skin tends to be dry, so this is more moisturizing and likely not appropriate for very oily skin, but you're welcome to try!


I am also 7 days a week, twice a day, using the "Peach Moon Herbal Water" directly on my skin and sealed under the moisturizer. I press several drops into my skin before anything else. It contains only the Alpinia Zerumbet Hydrosol with grapefruit seed preservative. Maybe I'm crazy, since I have never has such a clear reaction to a product like this, but I think it really is an effective inflammatory.  I have not otherwise found such an effective product with such a noticeable difference in many years. And I'm a huge label reader and skeptic too. Can be used on any skin type in my opinion. 


The he two above products are available in a $22 sample kit (and the amount of herbal water provided will last a month, you get a full ounce. Also you only need a TINY amount of the face cream which melts on fingertips into an oil and is meant to be patted into skin, so the little sample jar lasts a lonnnng time!) 


if if you order the sample kit, be sure those two products with the Azuki sugar soap, glycerin based, are in it. The kit contents vary, so pick one that is likely labeled with those specific products, Geiko, and for "dry, sensitive skin."


The other thing I'm obsessed with and use at least once a day on face and twice on my hands/nails is the Camellia seed oil they sell. My nails have NEVER - EVER been this strong and resistant to breaking. I also press this into my skin at night as a last step. It absorbs quickly, but as summer gets warmer, I will likely use this less and just let the moisturizer be the last step. 


i have wanted to post this for some time but my dermatologists reaction just tipped the scales. I think it's very hard to go wrong with their try me kit (which also contains a cleansing oil which I still have not tried to this day - sorry!) since it's not too expensive. Please consider it if your skin has just gotten too sensitive.


please note: you'll see I don't have any strong ingredients included in my current routine. These, retin-A, retinoic acids, Vitamin C, retinoids, all aggravate my skin and I finally just eliminated them as a category starting last fall to see what would happen. By Christmas, my skin hadn't changed for better or worse either way. And that is when I started using the Chidoriya line. So elimination of some "aggressive" products did make a difference in the long run to my skin,IMO,  but not noticeably before I started on Chidoriya. 


Thanks for for reading this far! And yes I still use and love the Hinoki oil in diffusers in certain rooms, bed and bath, of the house! So refreshing and relaxing. 

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

Brief update: I'm still rocking the Chidoriya line and LOVING IT - anyone else use this line?

Cleansers: Same as above. Same AHA peels throughout the week.

Still using the Chidoriya Geiko moisturizing shea butter based moisturizer and Peach Moon herbal water - my two favorites!


Also, I really find their brand of hand pressed camellia seed oil (tsubaki oil,) to be superior - it has changed my nails and hands like nothing else in the past 10-15 years. I use a tiny drop at night and rub briefly into my nails and go to sleep every night. My nails are so strong and grow so fast now. I tried EVERYthing from supplements to various oils in the past and have never touched these results (but! If you have Marula oil, I do have notes from using it in the past that my nails seemed healthier. It has a similar high oleic content as tsubaki oil.)  And if I forget to use the Tsubaki oil for a day or two, my nails are STILL ok and strong. (After stopping use for about 6-8 days, they will start to tear and begin to deteriorate, I've noticed.) 


I am so in love with this line, if anyone has questions, just message me. (Only a user, no other connection to the company.) As soon as I use up more products at home, I'll be adding to my Chidoriya line at home! 


ALSO: If anyone lives in San Diego: PLEASE check out the most amazing store: Vitriem in Little Italy near downtown. He just added to his Hinoki oil line with another brand - and they do an excellent body mist, room mist and goat's milk soap - that goat's milk hinoki oil soap (the real thing) is probably my favorite indulgence. The lather is SO rich and creamy and the scent of 'lemon-cypress-cedar" is so cleansing and heavenly. As a woman, I LOVE it, but if you're looking for something for your man for the holiday - this line is a MUST check out. And pick up some lovely Hinoki balm and Hinoki oil from his Chidoriya line he carries in the store. He has some travel kits right now! And the basics of the Chidoriya line! Plus tons of plants, jewelry, beautiful items from the home, all from asia or asian themed. So many products from Japan. BEAU-TI-FUL. You will feel so uplifted after visiting! The NICEST people too. Beautiful carved stone bowls, wooden bowls, omg, so muuuch goodness! I would live in this store if I could. Smiley Happy 


Want to know more about Hinoki oil and why its so special? I write some past posts on it, just search the board! (Again, only a happy customer here, I am not in any way connected, but when I find amazing products and people, I gotta share!) 

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

Oops: The San Diego store which carries the Chidoriya line is "VITREUM" - I misspelled  above! Its in Little Italy near downtown San Diego. Small, packed, intimate, a refreshing garden, all rolled into one. I can't recommend this place enough for upcoming holiday purchases! So different and unusual and amazing.

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil



i am intrigued and will visit online to see what i like in the sample kits.


thanks so much for this thread.  i have asthma and am interested!

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Re: Review: Chidoriya Japanese Beauty Line - Hinoki Oil & Camellia Oil

Just wanted to let everyone know I am STILL loving this line! Now that its gotten cold and dry again, the Camellia Seed oil (Tsubaki oil,) is again the hero product on my face, which I layer on after the peach moon herbal water and Geiko moisturizer (the green labeled moisturizer which is just the shea butter, cameilla seed oil and Ghetto alpinosa oil.) 


Their oil has made such a huge difference in my hands and nails, I just want to recommend it one more time for another having cuticle issues or breaking flaking nails. This is such a hero product for me, I am just so glad I stumbled across it.