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From what I read the case is in mediation between Chaz Gunthy and the women who filed the lawsuits, I think that means they are trying to settle so it doesn't drag on any longer

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@eddyandme wrote:

I have a stash of Wen, also.  I like to buy on specials and give as Christmas gifts to relatives.  However, since the latest news, I'm just going to bring it to the town "transfer station" a/k/a dump.  A lesson learned.


Ha!  "Transfer station", haven't heard the dump called that before.  Woman LOL


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@CalMom wrote:

I'm thinking that I should put together a common sense video of when and when not to buy Wen and/or other products from QVC.


And sell it on HSN. LOL!

ITA! It's a GENIUS idea! You should absolutely do that and I support you enthusiasm 100%!


Make sure to show off your hair that is achieved with a precise WEN routine and be prepaired to handle the LOL reacions others may have!


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@Stormygirl wrote:

If you cant return the WEN you should have no trouble selling it on E-Bay. After loving WEN for 4 years my hair started dramatically and suddenly falling out and I immediately stopped using WEN. Since I stopped using it No more hair loss. I had no trouble selling every single one of my sealed un-opened un-used bottles on E-Bay. Problem solved.

I stopped using Wen Dec. 17, 2015, (after 5 years of faithful use) when I learned of the hair loss suit. You know, arguably many people may not be able to "PROVE" Wen was the culprit to their hair loss/breakage. However, when you stop using the product and your hair STOPS failing out, I don't believe it's a coincidence. I'm just say'n...    


Thanks for the ebay tip.

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It still really shocks me to see the PASSION that WEN inspires.  Or maybe it's Chaz?


Chaz is a marketing genius!  The product is different for cleansing hair, it smells and feels fabulous, and its packaging is really lovely.


I have tried it, and it just doesn't make my hair better. 


BUT, it is incredible how much passion it seems to inspire!


Hyacinth    Cat Wink

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If you are using WEN and other brands then you CANNOT blame WEN or any of the other products you have used for your hair loss (if any).  You obviously don't understand that one must hold all variables constant in order to determine if a single one is the cause of something.  There are so many other reasons for hair loss besides the possibility of a single product causing it that I think this who WEN and hair loss thing is the result of people who are less than well informed and educated about scienctific testing panicking and wanting someone to blame.


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I recently discussed this with my stylist.  My hair is very short, when I first started using Wen 3 years ago I began dilluting it and using much less than recommended.  I wash my hair at least 1x day...sometimes 2x.  I am not sure if my specific details have any relevance but I am not loosing hair.  My stylist conclusion:  I wash daily, use much less than longer hair.  All I know my hair smells great, it is soft and managable, and my grays are under unruly grays.  I am extreemly pleased with my Wen.


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Perhaps it's just because I'm smarter than the average bear but if I'd purchased a new pair of shoes and suddenly my toenails fell out I would make the connection to the shoes....
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I agree Deenie...I did some research through Google and the issues seem to be with the products sold through the internet (Amazon, etc.) but not through QVC or through Chaz. Others have commented that they have found buying things from other distributors can be risky...products often seem diluted, have different smells, colors, etc.   I will stick with the Q, who seems to have careful quality control.  Hope Chaz survives this, as I love my WEN.

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@Andreatoo wrote:
Perhaps it's just because I'm smarter than the average bear but if I'd purchased a new pair of shoes and suddenly my toenails fell out I would make the connection to the shoes....

LOL @Andreatoo, you aerospace engineer!