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Re: Retinol Why?

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@Sooner wrote:

A derm once suggested Differn but I haven't tried it.  Any experience with this?




Differin is an acne med. It's good for pores and will help shrink them. But treating wrinkles with Differin, especially the deeper ones, will do very little for them and will take a very long time to do that if anything at all. Differin is formulated to treat mostly surface skin and it does not have the ability to go deeper to where collagen is formed (fibroblasts). Differin does not treat the underlying causes of dark spots either as you would get with using Retin-A. Technically, Differin reacts with two out of three retinoid receptors in our skin. The third receptor is too deep for Differin to reach and that's what makes it quite different from Retin-A.