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I am 68 and suddenly I find I look at my arm and there is a red mark where I bumped something or the dog scratched me with toenails etc...they are red then black and then yellow and it takes almost a month to completely go away.  I think it is called Purpura.  Another fun thing about getting older....

Well the last time I got one I rubbed rose hip oil into it everyday and within a week to ten days it was gone and did not go through the color changes.  It just faded from red to pink to gone.  I don't know if it was the Rose hip oil or just the rubbing but so glad I found something to get rid of it faster....

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@chiclet - If SKIN gets thinner as we age, why the heck can’t some scientist figure out how to send that physiological message to my HIPS?

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I use pure arnica oil on my bruises. That works for me. There's also a gel with arnica in it called Arnicare. I bought it at Walmart, found it in the wound care section where they have ointments and antiseptics. They sell a big 2.6-oz tube for around $8.


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My grand pup puts her paw on my thigh when she is all about her treat.  14 years ago it never left a mark.  I guess we are both old ladies now. 

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Well, I really appreciate reading this, thank you all.  Just yesterday, I said to my husband, did you ever go to bed, wake up in the morning, and then have a bruise that you have no idea where it came from or how it happened ?  I just now looked up purpura, which I never heard of, and that appears to be exactly what I have.  Luckily for me, it is very small. 

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     It's true skin does get thinner and bruises easier and older skin is subject to many skin lesions and conditions.  Your's went away without medical attention so it was nothing.  My bff is in her mid 70's and last summer,  she had something that sounds sort of similar. She had a red scaly patch on her calf.   She's like me, we don't self medicate, we see doctors when we are concerned about something.  Her skin lesion turned out to be lichen sclerosus which is a common skin condition in post menopausal women.  She'd been using otc steroid cream which wasn't helping  but her dermologist prescribed a much stronger prescription steroid cream.  It went away but it took a while  and then she got another patch on the other leg but she knew what it was and the cream has 3 refills.   

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@chiclet  Essential oils are excellent for bruises.  Cypress oil or lavender in a carrier oil will heal it quickly.

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I had bruises also and was diagnosed with this:  I.T.P.

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.