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As a woman of a certain age, I've gone to cream blush for a softer look and one that doesn't grab.


Here's my problem:  Even though I apply primer before applying my makeup, the blush fades at the end of the day.  I give my makeup application a finishing touch with Mally's poreless face defender which works wonders keeping my makeup looking fresh all day.  The blush still fades.


I bought YBF blush in a stick after reading the reviews, but it is too hard and doesn't glide.  So I've mixed a little of that with my cream blush for more color.  Still no go.


Am considering going back to powder blush with staying power.  Any recs?

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As for powder blushes, I love Laura Geller's Blush N Brighten. It lasts all day and the colors are very pretty and very pigmented. I have 3 of hers, and haven't even made a dent in any of them-they last forever!

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I have used BE Glee for my blush for years.  It will last overnight if you don't take your makeup off.  When I do feel like experienting, I use Skinn's Teen Tone, but I've never tested it for length of wear.

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i like the Eve Pearl powdered blush and shadows. Highly pigmented. The blush pallet is a trio of shades for custom color. Her brushes are also outstanding. Check her website and the bay.

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I finally went back to an old way and that's using my lipstick as blush.  I really like that the color looks like it comes from within and not laying on my cheeks.  Easy peasy!


I'm also past my mid 70's.



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I have same problem. Love my BB blush but it does disappear. Will try using it with LG powder blush.

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I am also "of a certain age" & switched to cream blush. After trial and error my favorite is Revlon cream blush which I apply with an egg shape makeup sponge. Does not come off till I remove makeup at night.

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I'm thinking that I'm in the same age range as you. The two brands tha twork for me are Bobbi Brown "pot rouge" (cream blush) and Doris Dalton cream blush. Both brands go on smooth and last all day. You can deepen any shade but just adding another swipe of the cream.  The other powder blush that I tried and like is the Bobbie Brown blush palette. It has 5 shades in the compact and you just swipe you brush across the entire palette or just the color bar that you prefer. I've been very pleased with these reulsts also. 

I hope one of these work for you.

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I love Bare Minerals  I Rose Radience.  It stays on all day until bed.

Everyone remarks that it looks natural. 

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@pommom. I rec Skinn Teen Tone for the most natural looking cream blush.  Right now I'm loving Milani Rose Trio Palette in Floral Fantasy sbout $13.  Voted the top blush under $20. for 2018. It's powder, Very pretty and it lasts. If you find products don't stay on, maybe you skin needs more exfoliation. Just a possibility.