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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

Why are you believing this young twit? As others have said, she’s trying to sell stuff!  As we all age, our hair gets gray and the texture changes, never for the better!  Ignore it! I’m sure your hair looks fine-   

That said, for advice: when you wash it, don’t strip your hair of its natural oils, use a conditioning cleanser. I do use and like Wen because it is Chaz’s concept, but there are lots of other brands to try. 

I have extremely dry hair and this helps, although I still must use tons of products to add moisture.  You’d have to try different products, some you apply while hair is damp, and some after hair is dry. I have to use both, my hair is that dry and coarse.  

Oh and with dry hair, wash your hair less often!  I only wash 1/week or less, as needed!  


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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

I agree with what others here have said:  It's not your hair, it's that the hairdresser wanted/needed to sell store products.  Don't worry about it.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

@AngelPuppy1 wrote:

I just went for a trim --- your basic snip off the ends all over and bangs trims.  I wear my hair about as basic as you can get.  No layers -- all one length and bangs.  I am in the process of letting my hair color grow out.  I have colored it blonde for years and now my color is partly salt and pepper.  I never blow dry except for my bangs and don't abuse my hair.


I realize that since I have gotten older (66), my hair has thinned and is more fragile, due to aging, medications, hair coloring, etc.  It is somewhat dry (not horribly so) and tends to frizz.  I always use shampoo and conditioner for moisture and frizz and treat my hair carefully.  


What I am getting at is --- my hair is far from perfect but I don't think it is in horrible condition.  Could it be better?  Of course!


Any how --- here is the scenario.  I went to the place to get my trim.  Same place I've been going for probably a year.  Its one of those chain places in the mall.  I got a nice very young lady and she was very pleasant and talkative.  After washing my hair, she proceeded to tell me how damaged and traumatized my hair was and if she were me she would never, ever color my hair again or use any irons or other electric appliances on it.  That I needed to immediately use deep conditioners, etc.  That also, if she were me, she would cut my hair mostly off.  She said -- I can't believe how frizzy your hair is!  As I said, I have always had an issue with this but use products for it and when I got to the salons, they always make it look very good.  So, I felt this day, the frizz issue was something she had done or used.  


I was to say the least --- really shocked!  She didn't say any of the above in a mean way but I was just speechless by all that she had said.  I had not really solicited any of this advice.  Other than to say that I had colored my hair my whole life and that yes, with age, health factors, etc. my hair had begun to thin somewhat and was not as healthy as it once was.  I said that I was considering letting it all grow out color-wise and perhaps some day coloring it again.  


How would you all have felt?  I left there feeling so bad about my hair and myself, I felt like sitting down and crying!  I went home and told DH and he was like --- What????  He looked at me and said -- your hair looks beautiful.  What in the heck (although he didn't say that word) is she talking about???  


I guess she was trying to help and offer what she felt was constructive criticisim.  She also suggested several products which I politely declined.  Perhaps she was just trying to shame me into buying products?  I don't know.  Smiley Sad  As I said, I know my hair is far from prefect and I have been undecided about what I want to do with it regarding style, cut, etc.  But this really floored me and did nothing at all for my confidence.


Now for the advice part --- what do you think I should use for aging, somewhat dry, frizzy prone and fragile hair to make it look more healthy? 


I know this is long and I thank you all for reading! 

hindsight is super easy but,  I might have cut her off with a light hearted "getting old isn't easy, but beats the alternative" type of comment. 


I might get on the website for the salon and leave a review with your experience if that's possible 

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

@AngelPuppy1  Try Alterna Caviar Shampoo a nd Cond. SPENDY ...Yes, but you use a TINY amount, I have hair to my bra line and a pea size or so is all I need.  I do not use it all the time because it makes my hair super soft and shiny - so for your hair cut and style I bet you would love it!!!  I need more texture since I want my hair to hold curl so when I want curls I use something else.


Alterna Caviar - Anti Aging Shampoo / Cond.  Here is the info on the Shampoo but if you try get both Shampoo and Cond. Norddies, Ulta, Sephora and even Amazon has it.


What it is: A luxurious sulfate-free cleanser that restores moisture while protecting hair from fading color, daily stresses and future damage. One-hundred percent of women showed visible improvement in shine, texture, softness and manageability after just one use.

Who's it for: All hair types.

What it does: The shampoo features Age-Control Complex® to combat chronological, chemical and environmental aging.

Caviar Extract infuses hair with moisture, elasticity and shine, Vitamin C prevents damage and cytokines encourage microcirculation to aid in improved cellular turnover. Enzymetherapy® helps transform ingredients into a microstructure that hair can more easily absorb allowing deeper, more targeted penetration of active ingredients. Color Hold® infuses hair with plant-derived melanin for extreme color protection and prevents color washout. It protects hair from UVA, UVB and visible light including artificial light sources. And lastly, Seasilk®, a blend of marine botanicals including different algae and seaweeds, provides exceptional moisture, protection and helps repair damaged hair.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

That experience would send me packing and I would look for another stylist.


I would make it clear to the next stylist, right in the beginning, that I am not interested in purchasing salon products.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice



Sorry for the unsolicited negative comments. I would chalk it up to the young lady being immature and not knowing how to get her point across without being offensive and, yes, management pressuring them to sell, sell, sell.


For what it's worth, I am using Denis Simioni's Tweak'd products and am amazed at the difference in the texture, manageability and shine in my hair.  I have salt and pepper hair, too, and the gray hair was frizzy.  Should you consider going this route, I would highly recommend the cleansing hair treatments (for all hair types and amazing!) and the Rhassoul Rise & Shine Shampoo & Conditioner set.


The cleansing hair treatments come in a tube.  It is applied 5 minutes on dry hair.  Rinse and apply once again, add water for mild lather (some lather more than others).  Rinse.  Leaves your hair so soft.  It's recommended that you do this 2x week.  The other days I use the Rise & Shine duo.


Here's to beautiful, non-frizzy and shiny hair!

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

2nd opinion, 2nd opinion or even 3rd opinion from a reputable salon. Best to you.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

Maybe it was a sales pitch to get you to do and buy more. Ignore her comments.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

@loisp wrote:

Just changed salons on a friend's recommendation.  My hair turned out great but I was so turned off with the push to purchase the salon's special line of products which were very expensive.  From the receptionist upon check in to the person doing my hair, start to finish, was talk about their products and how great they were.  The person doing my hair started to walk me to the door when I was finished and the pitch started again.  I told her I had ample product at home and would not purchase anything.  As I got to the receptionist to pay, all the products they had talked about were waiting for me on the desk.  Told them I would not purchase anything. 

@loisp :  I had a similar thing happen to me but the kicker was when I told them I had purchased the products and used them, they would never use them on my hair when shampooing.  They would use their "brand" LOL.  I am not a "hoity toity" person but got tired of their upturned nose attitude with their customers.

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Re: Recent hair trimming experience and seeking your opinion and advice

The hair dresser went overboard with "helpful" comments.  I wouldn't have felt good after leaving.  No way would I go there again.  It would stir up those feelings.  I think I'd go to a beauty supply store with the top two concerns and see what they recommend.