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Re: Really interested in the Ordinary skincare line

I have been using products from The Ordinary since their launch in the US. It's a Canadian company, Deciem, that produces The Ordinary. Deciem was the brainchild of founder Brandon Truaxe. He was going to launch ten (Deciem means ten) skin care lines. The Ordinary took off due to the price points. Hylamide would be the next line moving up. These are more complete serums offered at reasonable prices. NIOD is the higher end skin care range with some cutting edge science behind the products. 

Deciem is offering 23% off all products in each skin care line, for the month of November. They refer to themselves as The Abnormal Skin Care Company. When you go to the Deciem website, you will see why!


I have had a chance to try numerous products across the lines, and like everything I have purchased. They offer a 365 day return policy! You can't go wrong with trying something.  HTH

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Re: Really interested in the Ordinary skincare line

Brandon was an amazing visionary and innovator for beauty products. Did you know he discovered a solution for gray hair? he said he got results from the lab and he couldnt believe it himself that ITS POSSIBLE! The world needs more amazing people like that 

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