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Re: Ready for the comes Fall

We don't really get a fall in Florida, although with the break in humidity around November, I can sort of lie to myself and say it's fall. Since I grew up in New England, fall is still my favorite time of year, but Winter/Spring in Florida isn't to shabby either!

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Re: Ready for the comes Fall

On 8/8/2014 HappyDaze said:
On 8/8/2014 vermint said:

I'm soooo jealous! I live in SC and it was 99 yesterday, and supposed to be 95 today! We will have a bit of a cool down this weekend (low to mid 80's), but it will jump back up next week. I'm so ready for fall!

This is good to know. Hubby has an opportunity to move to SC (we are on the west coast) for his job and we are kind of entertaining it because his parents live in Georgia and my parents are wanting to move to Hot Springs Arkansas and then we have other family members in NC and some others may move to SC. I know NOTHING about SC and if it is really hot during the summers, not sure I'd like it. Is it humid too?

Sorry...just saw this! Yes, it's humid, too...and this has actually been one of our milder summers. July frequently has strings of 100+ days, but not this year. High 90's are very common. I live in what is called the Midlands of the state, and I do love it. We rarely have tornados, any hurricanes off the SC coast usually don't make it to us (maybe some rain), our winters are relatively mild--it might be years between snow/ice storms--but still cold enough to enjoy wearing sweaters, boots, coats. Spring/Fall are usually just beautiful! Beaches and mountains are easily accesible, just a few hours away in either direction. We wouldn't want to live anywhere else!