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Hi everyone! New to this forum, but I have read alot of your helpful (and sometimes very funny! Lol!) answers and banter. I was hoping you could possibly send me some suggestions for a skin care product, and also maybe a foundation with treatment for my dearest God-daughter.  She suffers with rosacea, and we were hoping there may be something out there. She does not want to take any medications, as they always have one side effect or another. Can anyone reccomend? I sure appreciate any suggestions. And I am happy to be with you great girls in this group.Heart

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I've had it for years.  I've done medications (oral/topical) and I have tried so many different skin cares.  Clinique Redness is decent, but I have been using Hydron off and on since it was on QVC all those years ago, it's all I use now.  You can go to their website and look for trial sizes and kits.  The prices are good and sign up for emails and you'll get notified of the numerous sales they have. 


I like it because it's simple and it's good skin care.  It keeps the redness at bay and doesn't make me break out.  Those are my two requirements for skincare. They have different cleansers and moisturizers but I like the creamier cleanser (wipe it off with a warm wet cloth).  The "toner" is not drying at all, and the day cream is perfect with or without makeup.

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Does she go to a dermatologist?


The safest non allergenic makeup (drug/discount) store I know is Physician's Formula.   I am not aware of any in a department store.

Bare Minerals is a specialty like that would be calming on rosacea.

There is a site and catalog called Bliss that has wonderful grooming items and is a well respected site, as is Bare Minerals.


Many dermatologists today carry cosmetics and skin care that will work for special conditions.


The most often cleanser prescribed is Cetephil Cleansing Liquid, a non soap formula that virtually anyone can use.  All the drug stores have their copy.  I started using it when I was treated for cystic acne years ago and it's still a big seller.


Best of luck!

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I know many here suffer from this and we all use and do different things!


I, myelf, do use Metrogel which is prescribed from a doctor.  It is a clear gel that I apply once a day and I have had no adverse reactions to it and have used it for a long time now.  It does not cure it but it does help a lot with the redness.


As for products to use, I vary on my cleansers but right now I am using CeraVe creamy cleanser.  it is very gentle.  I use Eucerin CoQ10 Sensitive Skin Moisturizer.  They also have a redness relief formula which I use at times, too.


For makeup, I use Cover Girl concealer and then I swoosh on the Physician's Formula Mineral Powder.  


I try to use and do as little as possible to my skin.  


I do get blemishes with my condition but I don't mess with them and they for the most part clear up in a few days.


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I do not have rosacea, but Paula's Choice has a Clinical Redness Relief products that may be worth investigating. You can buy samples first to try things before investing in larger sizes. I sometimes get redness from other products and her Redness Relief has helped to calm that down. 

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My rosacea is pretty mild, fortunately, and has been very good lately.


For my cleanser, I use Principal Secret Advanced 4 in 1 cleanser.  I've used it for 23 years.  Love it and it doesn't bother my face at all.  I order it 10 tubes at a time from her club.  You can google for Principal Secret and you'll find it.


One thing that has really helped me though is a simple bar of Basis soap.  Someone on here recommended it a year or so ago and I thought what the heck, I'll try it.  It's like $3.00.  


You can get it at CVS and other drug stores.  If you don't see it on the shelf, just ask the pharmacist.  I know that one day I was at CVS and saw it behind the pharmacy counter.  I didn't ask why- they might have just been holding it for a customer or whatever.  But CVS definitely had it.


I use my Principal Secret cleanser in the shower and wash my face.  Then I wash it a second time with Basis soap.  It's really done well for me.


I use Soolantra cream....sometimes.... when I get a break out and it does pretty well.  Finacea did absolutely nothing for me and I haven't tried Metrogel.

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You mentioned your God-daughter didn't want to take any medications.   I found a drug-free topical solution - an over-the-counter homeopathic gel that has worked well for me.  It's called Prosacea.  The active ingredient is sulphur 1x. 


Prosacea Rosacea Treatment Homeopathic Topical Gel


Your God-daughter may already realize this, but diet is also a factor in rosacea.  Sugar,among other things, is highly inflammatory which brings a lot of heat and redness to the body.    

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My dermatologist said to always use oil-free products.  Oily products will irritate rosacea and make it worse.  It took a while to recover when I made the switch but I now have very minimal problems since I switched to oil-free cleanser, moisturizer, and make up.  

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@munchkinland I've suffered with it for years until recently. I bought some cactine beauty bars from Tova Borgnine from her site beautybytova. After a few times using it all of my redness and rough patches went away. I also use Firmalift. You can get it here. It's a serum that you use all over your face and eyes.  It helps keep your skin soft and smooth and it plumps up my skin. It helps with the redness also. It has aloe vera in it. Try to get products with aloe vera as it will help take away redness. As for a foundation I use HALO HYDRATING PERFECTING POWDER by Smashbox. QVC used to sell it but it's available at Sephora. It's a loose powder foundation. It's the only foundation I've worn for years now that doesn't aggravate my condition. You can layer a little extra on top of the red places. Hope this helps as it certainly helped me!

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I wish her well in her quest for keeping her Rosacea under control.

My go-tos are Faerieorganic mineral foundation and veil.  Absolutely no bad reaction and it matches me (I am so pale).

100%Pure foundation works great too and doesn't break me out.


The foods I eat show up on my face!!! LOL... but its true.  I have quit the chocolate/coffee/spicy foods.


My cleanser is an oily one, but my face likes it.

Metrogel did not help me.

When I take antibiotics followed by prednisone for sinus problems, my face clears up completely and rebounds when the Rx's are finished -- FYI


If you google "faerieorganics" you can see that this company has submitted and been tested by EWG (Environmental Working Group Database for Safe Cosmetics) No gluten and very pure.


If I were young, I'd investigate companies that back up their claims of being evaluated for safety because some of the stuff I have used over the years probably had a negative impact on my skin and body... HTH

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