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So am I the only one who is not dazzeled?  The foundation is quite dry...not hydrating and quite flat in appearance.  The lip is muddy but decent as a cheek color.  The mascara has no oomph.  I do really like the luminizer.  Will keep, but will off load the foundation and the mascara!

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I was not impressed with the TSV.  The lip color was muddy, and the mascara was just OK.  I couldn't get the foundation to dispense, even after several attempts.  I did like the luminizer, but wasn't going to keep it just for one product.  Sent it back.

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I had a problem with the foundation also....I hadn't tried the mascara yet. The luminiferous was pretty. The lipstick meh...I did get the blush a while ago and it's beautiful!

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Well, yesterday I gave a nice review.  The cool beige shade was/is an excellent match to my skin, one of the best matches ever for me.  The lip balm was a dud.  I liked the luminzer. Haven't tried the mascara yet.


Today I'm having second thoughts.  The foundation looks great upon application, but it doesn't last.  It fades and gets patchy throughout the day.  I was so hoping this would the one for my daughter's wedding, but now I don't know..  I'm going to try working with it a little more and then decide if it's going back. 

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I liked it a lot when I put it on but by the end of the day seeing how it looked I will be boxing it up and sending it back.

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thank you for the true reviews! @SoldierFnp @JeanLouiseFinch @Wsmom @Franklinbell @twinsister 


mine came today reason I bought was because they touted how "hydrating" it was ...tomorrow I'll try it and see if I have the same results.  I ordered the warm beige shade & right now I have a dark tan not sure how the match will be.


I also ordered the primer & concealer but haven't received them as yet.


I normally use Pur cosmetics.  

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I was debating, back and forth, do I order, yes, no??

Finally decided against it, as right off the bat, I was not thrilled with the non color of the lipstick/balm.  

Now reading these reviews, I am glad I passed on the TSV. 

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I was reading the forum when this became a TSV. Many customers were not getting the information they needed to choose a color match. This was a red flag. Why not give your customer all the color information. I figured something must be wrong and many will guess and be disappointed. It is hard to buy foundation without trying it in person. What may be right for one will not work for another; it depends on whether you have dry, oily or normal. No complete description equals no sale.

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I did not order the TSV.  I haven't read anything positive about the lip product.

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Ordered this RMS kit and just received it. I ordered cool beige as she said this was a good one for sallow skin tones (on us older gals). I haven't opened the 3 other parts of the kit but my first impression of the foundation is that it is too thick and gooey. And the color is probably not a good match. Since the foundation is open I will play around with it for a few days to see if I can learn to like it but first impression was not good. I historically use either Tarte BB cream in medium or No 7 serum foundation in cool beige. Maybe I should just stick with what I like and know works! LOL!