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I'm recording the shows, but have never seen the brand/products. Any comments for or against?


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Be careful buying from Q.  Their prices are often higher than other places.  Your best bet is to buy over the counter products or go to a dept store and have someone at one of the counters help you and/or put it on for you the first time.   My dermatologist says there is no need to spend a lot on make up and skin care, that there are lots of over the counter products that are excellent.

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@ShanusI honestly have never heard of it so I can't comment.  What is it?  Cat Very Happy

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I tried the serum foundation once and found it to be very oily.

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@CalmInTheHeart  Ready To Wear makeup is on HSN


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I tried the serum blush and it was terrible, just terrible, thick, very pigmented, not good look at all. I think the woman who was presenting it was on Fashion Police? I was trying to place her. The usual presenter, a guy, was wonderful and made you want to buy everything. The reviews are mostly good, I just did not like the blush at all. and-I tried Hard Candy cheeky tints ( 3 dollars) and they are wonderful for the matur girl, light gel, a sweep of light color -just enough. 5 colors and did I say 3 dollars on sale at Walmart!

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I bought a todays special once from HSN, It included lipstick, brushes, shadow, blush and the fiber lash enhancer ( I forgot what it is called.) '


The brushes were cheaply made, the shadows and blush had no color or staying power.


I threw the lipstick out because it smelled like candle wax.


The lash enhancer fibers were all over the place including dropping in my eyes. They tell you it's harmless  because the fibers are made from cellulose. Even so, who wants that?


I did buy the bronzer with the multi color correction. It is the only thing I liked.


Hope this helps. 

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I agree with newjob-and the silly thing is, I gave that line a few tries because it looked great on the models-as it always does, and when I bought the kits, I thought I got a lot for my money.  That was false economy!


I finally had an epiphany of sorts...when I see these presentations, I am influenced and they are working under optimal conditions...but as Wayne Goss points out, lighting alone can change things.


I am looking for perfection and ease- but not every product delivers.  If they did, I wouldn't be here asking for opinions and the cosmetic industry wouldn't be as big as it is.


On the other hand, I have fallen in love with products that other people panned.  In the long run, all we can do is try it, and judge for ourselves, right?