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I ordered a product that was supposed to get rid of the appearance of lines and wrinkles in it absolutely did not work.I ordered a product that was supposed to get rid of the appearance of lines and wrinkles in it absolutely did not work. Not only was I disappointed but I had to pay $8 in shipping and return For a product that QVC stood by and did not work. I will never again order from this company and do not understand how I was charged for return shipping for a product that doesn't Live up to what QVC said. I also wonder if the return shipping fee was mentioned prior to me buying the product because I don't think I would have purchased it had I know I have to pay $7 to return something that does it work. How much money does QVC make from people's returns on their bogus products??? I called customer service and the young lady was less than helpful and told me that the return policy was on the back of the packing slip. But where was it prior to me purchasing it. How can I agree to pay return shipping if I don't know it exist?? I am out of 8 dollars for absolutely nothing thanks a lot QVC
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OK this is a joke right? 

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@Disappointed Toni     I cannot imagine anyone really thinking that a product will get rid of the appearance of all wrinkles  and lines!  The results will be different for everyone and some may see noticable results while others next to nothing.  That is the chance we all take when choosing to try any products.  If you have never ordered here before or read any posts on this forum about the returns costing,  I can understand your disappointment in the return policy.   I always check return policies before ordering anywhere online even though I rarely ever have returned anything anywhere.  It does cost any company to process returned items and issue refunds.  You might be able to return it cheaper if you don't use the return label and send it yourself.

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I'm sorry, but do you really believe this is Q's fault?  By the time anyone is an adult, they have to realize nothing gets rid of wrinkles and lines except surgery and death.  Remember the saying, If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  


As far as paying a return shipping's shown right on Q's label and on their website.  Shipping and return fees are one reason I don't order much.  I can find 90% of the products elsewhere for less money and free shipping/returns.


Purchasers have a responsibility to know the costs.  Q must let people know but doesn't have to spoonfeed it to them.


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You can read Qvc's return shipping policy by scrolling to the bottom of this's on the very bottom, lower-left side ... "Returns & Exchanges".


Most any online shopping site has their's posted somewhere like that, too. You just have to look for it.

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Another first time poster bashing QVC surprise, surprise.

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@Disappointed Toni almost any moisturizer improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but only for a few hours.


For anything the slightest  bit more than fine and you need to save up some thousands of dollars and go for surgery


My advice? Unless you earn your living with your appearance learn to live with fine lines and wrinkles.  Further, follow the advice from other posters and protect yourself wherever you shop by knowing policies that affect you —. As is required by law, QVC posts its shipping and return policies.

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There are a billion products by as many companies, vendors whomever who will (almost) guarantee their product(s) is the only one to use to rid yourself of wrinkles, lines, dark spots, scars on the face.


There is nothing that does this but great DNA and genes and maybe a great facial wash.

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Most such products don't work very well.  Just be yourself.  

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The title of this thread is very misleading.  Just because a product doesn't work for someone doesn't make it a scam.   Not all products work for everyone.