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Re: Questions for IT Cosmetics fans...

I love the CC cream. Put on with fingers as it is fantastic!!!!!!! I also do not breakout with this. Best product ever!!
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Re: Questions for IT Cosmetics fans...

Fingers for the CC cream. I'm a brush girl, love applying foundation with brushes....but not the CC cream. It's thick & in my experience it 'disappears' into the brush. I use x2 the amount with the brush compared to using my fingers. Using a brush with it, wastes a lot of the product. Occasionally use my beauty blender if i want a lighter application.

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Re: Questions for IT Cosmetics fans...

On 3/24/2015 mjunkie said:
On 3/24/2015 orange said:

I actually use a very dense brush to apply and it goes on like a dream. You can get one at Ulta for a reasonable price - this brand name is very good!

Thanks orange! I like Real Techniques brushes. Good to know if I want to try a brush with the cc cream that I can get the one you recommended for under 10 bucks.

I can't rave enough about the Real Techniques expert face brush for any liquid foundation. If you want or prefer a brush I highly recommend this one but as so many said, fingers work as well but the brush gives a more air brush perfect effect, looks finished but all up to you.

I am getting this TVS even though I didn't care for the large CC foundation from a formal TSV but what i didn't like was the matte finish and this one has a more dewy finish, is brand new so, am getting this one. I think I will like everything in this kit.