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Re: Questions about Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

I will repeat what others have said, Paulette is the best.


Sorry I cannot give suggestions when it comes to any of the Graces.(although all of our granddaughters have Grace as a middle nameHeart)

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Re: Questions about Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

I've been ordering from PSS for about one year, and have always been impressed with the staying power of any fragrance that I've purchased. My favorite dupe is Bobbi Brown Beach, and I regularly receive compliments throughout the day, even without "touch-ups". I'll add, however, that I layer my fragrance with the body lotion and perfume together - so this probably helps. 


As far as Philosophy dupes go, I've only tried the Baby Grace and Summer Grace (due to the supplier issue with some of the other fragrances). Both had staying power - much more so than the philosophy EDPs or sprays. Both were adequate dupes, although I felt that the BG was a much closer representation than the SG. Based on my satisfaction with every other dupe I've purchased from PSS, I would certainly be willing to try the PG and AG dupes if the supplier issue is ever resolved.

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Re: Questions about Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

@abbeythe 8th wrote:

I found if I ordered an extra shot, the last power increased exponentially.


Paulette is a lovely lady.

Paulette is the best. You can't go wrong and yes, you can order extra shots of scent added to those that aren't a strong scent to start with.


I can attest to EL Beautiful which is what I use to wear all the time. I started getting it from PSS Paulette and was walking by the EL counter at my local dept store when the lady behind the counter said, oh, I can tell you are an EL lady and  wearing Beautiful. I just smiled and said yes I am.

If that dupe can full her it can fool anyone.


For me I prefer a very soft floral scent but it also has to lastl which is a problem for me so, I get 1 or 2 extra shots of scent added to ones that are too soft or don't last.


For around the house or all over I highly recommend you try her room/linen/body sprays which are great not only for all over yourself but all over your home as well. For these I   do get 1 or 2 extra shots added.


Sorry I can't help with DB, AG, I did use to use it but stopped quite along time ago.

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Re: Questions about Pittsburgh Street Soapworks

The PSS Grace scents were all stronger than the real ones.  Unfortunately they are no longer available - they were awesome!