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Re: Question regarding The GloPRO beauty tool.....

i love this tool! I dont care what the red light does but I have beautiful skin at just starting 60 and it just gets better. I have no wrinkles and smooth beautiful skin. This does let the skincare drink in better. I use with retin a and retinaol with this. Just love it! will use for life.

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Re: Question regarding The GloPRO beauty tool.....

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@ meant to say stainless steel. Obviously I typed the wrong thing. Sorry. Thanks for the correction!!!!!!

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Re: Question regarding The GloPRO beauty tool.....

@SilleeMee wrote:




Stainless steel rollers are what GP uses. SS is sharper (initially) and more hygienic. Titanium needles are plated (usually over copper or brass) and while they may be more durable, titanium is not as hygienic as SS which means titanium needs more attention to cleaning it. There are valid reasons why tattoo artists, medical professionals and accupuncturists use's just a better option.


ETA - I'm not promoting any one brand of roller...just wanted to say something about SS vs titanium. 



I agree! Did some re/searching and found a .3 Stainless Steel roller for a total of $12.


I spotted a set with .5/ 1 / 1.5. but was afraid that would be too much for my 

older, thinner skin.


Between the rollers and collagen (all types) capsules these past months, my face looks fresher

(for lack of a better description!)


Other supplements include Biotin, Vit. C., magnesium, tumeric, B-12

and occasionally 10mg. CBD capsules.


Other facial tools which I do NOT USE FAITHFULLY (due to laziness!)

are the FACE FX heated red light wand, the Dermawand for oxygenating 

the skin and SSCs “The Egg”.


The face rollers are the simplest to use routinely.

After I roll, I smooth on either Perricones Vit. C (in the small tubes),

or Isomers Hyalaronic gel ..(the liter sized bottle from a few years ago!)


I have read that applying a serious serum is A Good Thing, but I’ve 

also read the opposite.


Has anyone used a .5/1/1.5 on their face/body?


Im afraid to go above .3 on my face.....I might start getting facial hair! lol