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Re: Question re: Tatcha

@LilLady wrote:

For those of you who use the cleansing oil. Do you have to use another cleanser as well after using the cleansing oil? How well does it remove longwear make up and suns screen?

@LilLady  I'll do a pre-cleanse with facial wipe, micellar water on a cotton pad, or some cleansing balm to remove eye makeup.  Then I'll proceed to do my oil cleanse - dry face, massage around, add water, use my silicone cleansing tool to massage around, rinse well.  Proceed to serums. 


Some people will use the cleansing oil as a first step and follow up with a foaming cleanser for a second cleansing step.  

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Re: Question re: Tatcha

@loveour4leggedfriends - I've been using Pacifica coconut oil cleansing rehab and I really like it. It takes all of my makeup off including eye makeup in one easy step and doesn't leave my skin feeling either dry or greasy.


I get it at Ulta, $16 for a 6 ounce bottle, so it's reasonably priced and cruelty free.