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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

Personally I prefer to use PERT shampoo with light conditioning  and I don't use any otrher products on my hair because when I do they turn my hair yellow. I have had white hair for 34 years, and this is what I have found. Products = yellow - no products = shiny white.

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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

Hi @SeaMaiden ~ I haven't used either of the Roux products you mentioned, but have used the Roux colored mousse many times to add a little pizzazz to my white hair.  I can be ash blonde to light blonde, depending on which mousse I use.  It washes out with the next shampoo.


I've used the Clairol Shimmer Lights, but prefer the Jhirmak Silver shampoo.  BTW, neither the Jhirmak or Shimmer Lights ever stained my onyx stone shower.   


We took a 3-week trip last summer and I didn't take my silver shampoo with me.  By the time I got back home, my hair had a yellowish look.  I shampooed once with Jhirmak and my beautiful silvery shade was back!

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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

I had issues with yellow tips too. I use John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner. It works great! I like it better than all of the other products and brands that I have tried. I use it 2 - 3 times a week. A good clarifying shampoo works well too. I use both. Hope this helps.

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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

I use Pantene Silver Expressions. Jhirmack is good, too. No problems with these staining my fiberglass shower.

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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

Hello, @SeaMaiden. Smiley Happy



Nick Chavez makes Brass Out Violet Shampoo.


The bottle says that it, "Keeps Blondes & Greys Vibrant and cool Toned. Keeps Brunettes Rich and Bright."



Maybe this counts since it's a shampoo and you rinse it out once you hair is clean.




Nick also makes Brass Out Leave-In Conditioning Spray.

The bottle says, "Light Formula Enhances Brightness and Shine. But the conditioning spray does say leave-in, so the conditioner might not be what you're looking for.


This was sold on QVC, but it's not available right now and you'd have to get it at Nick's sight. There's a product video for these products, if that helps.



Nick Chavez Brass Out Violet Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioning Spray Product Video

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Re: Question for white/ silver haired beauties

I thought Pantene discontinued Silver Expressions. I used to use it and haven't been able to find it for a couple of years; the same goes for John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Color Renew (the purple tube) .


I use a purple shampoo by Regal, which is sold in Smart Style,  the chain where I get my hair cut. I alternate with Total Results So SIlver by Matrix (available at Ulta). I also alternate with various moisturizing or  repair shampoos to repair the damage done to my hair from the prednisone I've been taking off and on for a year due to sinus and bronchial infections. I finish off with Velvet Mesquite serum by Nick Chavez -- it doesn't yellow my hair and it keeps it soft and silky.


BTW, I have silver hair in front randing to pewter at the back. I'm 61 and have never dyed my  hair -- and I found my first grey hair at age 12. I like the look, and I honestly can't be bpthered getting my hair colored every month. I don't have the patience, and I'd rather spend that $$$ on makeup, books, or cookware.