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It took ten days to get my It Brow powder.

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I just received my Perricone TSV 1-25-18. I suppose the weather is the problem.?? The mail has been bad off and on all winter. 

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It is slow compared to most companies. However, the easy pay and the easy returns and free exchanges make it worth the wait for me. I love QVC. Everything I recieve is worth the wait. The hosts are the best. I enjoy watching and buying. 🙂
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QVC has always been slow. Never changes, except sometimes near Christmas they go into high gear,


I just build that into how badly do I want something. Then wait the standard 7 to 10 days!

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@Funloving wrote:


Painfully Slow.   Evine has the Q beat.  HSN takes about 5 days max.


That's why only on VERY rare occasions I place an order here.


It took HSN ten (10) days to get my last order in the mail.

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