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Purchased TSV and Neck Cream, thinking of cancelling

I ordered the TSV and then cancelled it. Just not sure about the eye colors. Everything else, especially the eyeliners are excitng. And I really don't need more lip colors. The eyecolors look similar to those that already exist and that amber is scary looking. Hope it's not orange.

Then, I reorderd the TSV and the neck cream. Haven't tried the neckcream yet. I have a neckcream that I really like but I'm hoping BE's neckcream works as well and it costs less.

Since I orderd both, there is a shipping discount. Think I am going to keep the order and use them both as soon as they arrive. I've never returned BE but I am determined to return this time if I don't like.

I'm usually exicited when ordering BE but not this time. Maybe, it's because I really don't need it or maybe, it's because I've been so disappointed in other things that I have ordered from the Q.