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Pur Cosmetics 4-in1 Love Your Selfie Foundation

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I posted this in the thread about Kim Gravel's new foundation, but it's worthy of its own thread.  Recently Pur (they used to be known as Pur Minerals) introduced a new foundation called 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie.  It's available in 100 shades!  Their online color chart gives a detailed description of each color, and the color comparison tool is outstanding.  To use the tool you select the name of a brand from their drop down menu.  Then you choose the foundation in the brand's list and your color and the Pur tool gives you a suggested shade for Selfie.  You can input as many foundations as you like for comparison and their list consists of dozens of brands (present and past).  Every brand I looked for was on the list and I went back in the time machine to try to stump the tool.  I input more than 20 and the tool gave me a three choices.  One was the overwhelming majority pick.  Second was distant and the third only came up one time.  I ordered the first and second selections.  Turns out the color which was most frequently suggested for me the most turned out to be perfect.  The second color might work after spending a week in the sun, but it wasn't wrong based on the foundations it was compared to. Even the one time pick wasn't wrong because that particular foundation was never right for me and required some color mixing to be wearble (it was a foundation I wore in the 1980s when women of color didn't have the array of options available now).  The best thing about the Selfie colors is that they are grouped in undertones of neutral, pink (cool) and golden (warm).  


I always describe my coloring on threads as caramel brown and that is the exact description of my Love Yor Selfie color DG3: Caramel - for brown skin with golden undertones.  Of course al of this great color matching is for naught if the foundation isn't good, but in this case the foundation is GREAT!  I have worn it for two weeks straight and it has not failed to stay put and look great after hours of wear. Smiley Very Happy


Ulta and Kohls have Love Your Selfie in stores, but neither is selling the complete 100 color range.  They are offering select shades (which is fine if they have the one you match up to). 

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Re: Pur Cosmetics 4-in1 Love Your Selfie Foundation

Wow! 100 shades! That's incredible. I do love their powder 4-in-1 foundation. Might have to give the Selfie one a try. Thanks @Trixx